February 19th, 2018

Dr. Internet to the rescue

I have this toe that has been hurting on and off for weeks and weeks now. Finally yesterday, I took it to Dr. Internet. I suspected it was not gout because it felt different, and didn't get dramatically worse over time and the pain wasn't in the joint. Turns out, the pain is really localized to one side of the nail. It's the big toe and even though there is no outward signs, I really think it's an ingrown toenail situation. So today starts 3 or 4 twenty minute soakings in warm water with Epsom salt every day. We'll see how that goes but I'm hopeful.

We had really high winds over the weekend. They closed part of one of our floating bridges because the waves on the lake were too high. But there were no winds forecast for today. Ooops. Turns out there were freakishly high wind gusts as I was topping another bridge to the pool. The West Seattle bridge rides high over water and roads. My little Smart car was getting blown all over the road. It was really kind of frightening. I made it but was not looking forward to the trip home.

On said trip, it turns out a motorcyclist on my same route was not so lucky. There were all manner of cops and firefighters and other aid vehicles on both sides of the bridge as I came home. Also several cars involved. What a mess. I was glad to get home in one piece.

The pool was mine alone this morning. As I was getting out of the pool, one of the regulars came in and I remarked at the lack of crowds. His answer was "Well, if you don't have to go to work, why in the heck would you get up at this hour to swim?" er, well... I just left him with a "have a nice swim".

Ok, now we have a situation. I fixed up the hot water and Epsom salt and brought it over to my chair and plopped my foot in it. 20 minutes ago. I brought no towel or anything else. It seems I have lost my project management skills.

Oh well, I'll air dry it I guess. Also, note to me... roll up your pant leg next time, stupid.

I need to make a run up to the sewing shop but, I just saw on Instagram that they are observing weekend hours and so opening up later than normal. Good to know. I don't remember President's Day being such a big deal back in the day but 1. It wasn't President's Day for most of my 'back in the day ' and 2. My memory sucks and 3. I can't remember 3 (see 2).

Meanwhile I think I'll go hang up my suit and dry off my foot.

So here's the glitch...

I'm all face and toe today. My face is chapped and my toe is in hurtsville. fionnabhar talked me into putting a thread of dental floss under the edge of my toenail to encourage it to grow out of my foot.

Great plan except guess who has no dental floss. I have 37 gazillion of those floss sticks with the pokey end. I mean really, I found a draw of them today and then a whole unopened package. And no dental floss. Finally I found a tiny package of it from the Holiday Inn. I have no clue how old it is, likely old enough to vote. And too fat to fit under my toenail. It's there but probably not for long.

So I got in the car and headed off to Walgeens. I got some dental floss and some ingrown toenail cream and bandages. And then I thought I'd get something for my chapped face. DIAPER CREAM!! Perfect. What a great idea. Gentle enough for a baby's butt but strong enough to heal chapped skin.

I forgot a key issue...

No need to blend diaper cream into the skin. In fact, since it is mostly zinc oxide, it will never blend in. Old white lady in the parking lot of a Walgreens in a mainly black neighborhood smearing solid white cream all over her face... who the fuck do we report that kind of mania to???

I crack myself up.

It is fucking freezing out today and still windy. But I doubled down on the epsom salts so we're good. The next soaking will be in about an hour/hour and a half. Not sure when I'll white face up again.