February 17th, 2018

Yes, I'll have cheese with that, thanks.

The skin on my face is so chapped that the skin is red and flakey. I put cream on it a dozen times a day and still... it looks like raw hamburger and feels worse.

Yesterday I was out of breath a lot. I had a hard time the first 15 minutes of swimming and I was panting at every exertion throughout the day. This morning I went to suck down my Spriva (inhaler) and noticed there was no mist. The damn thing had run dry. Wonder why the drug people think they need to be so stealth about that? Today's swim was better - way better but just walking around is not that good. Hopefully it's just left over and will get better.

Still grumpy. Maybe I just need baseball to start up again. First game is Friday. Saturday is the first TV broadcast. I think I can make it til then.

I'm now officially between sewing projects and ready to start a new one. I may work on some creatures and, at the same time, burn through some fleece scraps. Til I get inspired to start the next project.