February 10th, 2018

Not first - not even close

So today's the day that a favorite restaurant opens in my neighborhood. I dined at 13 Coins on my first trip to Seattle and it's been a favorite ever since. They moved their original location to a block and a half from here. They are open 24/7 and that started at 6 am today.

After my swim this morning, I'm going there for brunch.

But, just now, on Instagram, they posted photos of their firsts - first guests, first bloody marys, first eggs benedict... and the customers partaking in those firsts??? All people from this building!

I have to say I'm more than a little impressed that my neighbors helped them open up at 6 am on a Saturday. Good work, you guys!!


My brunch at 13 Coins was perfect. My waiter was in no hurry to turn over my seat and so I just sat and wallowed and people watched. They have regular tables and really wonderful booths but the best seat is at the counter.

You can watch the cooking in action and you sit in these amazing high backed swivel chairs. It was glorious.


It's way too expensive to go every day so my current plan is once a week. Maybe twice if one is breakfast/brunch.

Then I came home and finished up the swimsuit I started the other day. It fits fine. Whew. No more swimsuit fails. Yeah. Then I reorganized my swim bag and charged up my music player and backup.

I have a lot of MP3's that need organizing. I have lots of duplicates and lots of crap and stuff I can never find because I can't remember the name of it and a healthy stack of Track [#].mp3's that are most likely dupes or junk. I need to go through it file by file and clean, purge and sort. Not today but it's a project on the radar.

Today I'm going to put away stuff and then watch some junk TV while I knit a bear.