February 9th, 2018

Fail and then fail... fool me how many times??

A few weeks ago, I made a swimsuit. I used the same pattern I've used a bajillion times successfully. But I sewed it using the serger. It was a disaster. The give left in the elastic after serging it on was not enough to enable me to get in the damn thing.

Yesterday I made another suit. Same pattern. This time I only serged the seams. I used the sewing machine to add the elastic. Fail. I can easily step into the suit. But when I try to pull it up and put my arms through so the straps are on my shoulders, not enough give.

There is a way to set up the serger so the stitch has more give but fuck it. I made a bajillion suits before I ever met the serger. I'm going back to the old fashioned way. I think I can salvage today's fail. I'm going to try anyway.

Today's swim was a bit of a slog. It took a while to get into the rhythm and I never really did. Yesterday I sailed away and finished the hour in less than 60 minutes or so it seemed. Today it felt like it was taking me twice as long. Still a good swim. And saw yet another swim regular from before. Also the pool was pretty packed today. Weird. It used to be Mondays that were crowded. Now it seems that Fridays maybe in the running.

I got a new Nest Cam. They announced yesterday some reorg changes for the whole Nest operation. After mine died, I discovered that there really isn't a replacement for what it does - stream high quality video 24/7 directly to a URL (not an app) that can be made publicly available on any browser anywhere with no intervention (settings selection).

Lots of cams stream to apps, or stream only when motion is detected or have low quality or require security credentials. The only one that meets all of my requirements and is less $500 is Nest. So while they are still available.

I fear they will change or eliminate one of my requirements and/or raise the price again so I bought one. So I'm covered for two years (warranty) anyway. I haven't figured out where to put it and I might just rove it for a while. It can actually go wherever there is an electrical outlet so no telling where I might put it.


(One of the things that died with the old Drop Cam was the lovely ability to assign a friendly URL. I set up a domain for it but it's not live yet.)

Today will be swimsuit fix or figure out why not. And I have an errand to run... maybe two. I need gas but the only gas station near where I am going is known for credit card cloning so I think I probably won't be getting gas there... ever again.

My Garmin watch keeps vibrating periodically. Just short bursts. I finally remembered to look at it today to see what the deal was and, it turns out, it's a reminder to get up and move. Isn't that cute? Like I'm going to do that. Yeah, I'm playing your moving goals game so don't push it.

The one place I want to go this morning does not open for another hour. Guess I'll get all the little chores done while I wait.

I am a grown ass woman

I'm going to talk about my webcam that is set up so that anyone with a browser can see my living room.

I've already gotten two messages today warning me of the danger of making my web cam public.

As was mentioned here yesterday, I am a grown ass woman. I know what I'm doing. I've had at least one web cam - open to the public - in my living room for more than a dozen years now. So I also have a little experience.

If you can tell me exactly what danger might be fall me because people can view my living room, then I'm cool about hearing from you. If you just want to tell me it's a bad idea, I'll pass, thanks. Don't waste the email, tweet, sms, your time or mine.

There is little that annoys me faster than the assumption I am not bright enough to have thought through the decisions I make.

BUT... now that I've gotten that rant out of my system, the new webcam URL is live.


How cool is that??? I was looking down the list of available domains for susandennis. I sorted so the cheapest floated to the top and there it was! susandennis.rocks. $14 with tax for a year. How could I not???

That was before I got the parking ticket. I am bad to park illegally. I do it all the time. I got caught once about 5 years ago and swore I'd go straight. I didn't. And I got caught again today. $47. If I amortize it out over all the illegal parking I've done, it comes to about $.05 a park. I really am going to try and not do that anymore. I am. I promise. You can pay online but not for 72 hours. I think that's kind of lame.

Oh and I finally heard from the gym. I sent an email out earlier in the week asking for info. And the head woman called me today. She was as nice a could be and listened with sympathy. I sent her what Dr. Lung said and she said she would take it to the owner and see if she could get me a refund. If she can, great. If not, I'm ok with having exercised the effort thoroughly.

I was not able to save the swimsuit fail but I do think I've figured out the problem. I have two more cut out and ready to sew so I basted one of them up and tried it on and I think I've got it all figured out.

It's just now 1 pm and I'm tempted to spend the rest of the afternoon on my ass BUT Garmin says I need to walk around the block to get to the goal so I guess I'll do that. I can check on 13 Coins. They are due to open at 6 am tomorrow. I've got bloody mary plans there about 9:30 (when I get home from my swim).