February 7th, 2018


The Summer I was 14, I was desperate to volunteer. I wanted to be a proper candy striper with that cool uniform. But, you had to be 16 to do that so I volunteered at a home for mentally (and some physically) challenged kids. Their families had dumped them into what everyone called the retarded kids home.

ASIDE: OMG I just Googled and it's still there!! It was a fairly dismal looking place as I remember it but they've brightened up the physical space and their attitudes quite a bit!

Anyway, I loved it. I loved those kids so much. They were mostly full of smiles and giggles and not at all concerned that the world had thrown them away.

There was one. Billy. Billy adopted me the first day and we spent the Summer pretty much attached at the hip. Billy was going to play ball "like Mikey Mantle!!!!". He told me this every day. Back then, we called what Billy a Mongoloid. He had Downs Syndrome. And he was amazing and wonderful. And always so full of joy and excitement. Every day that Summer was better because Billy was there.

I visited him fairly often after that Summer until I went to college. I hope he's happy and well. He gave me a life long love of everyone with Downs Syndrome. They are beautiful and wonderful people with so much to share.

I'm thinking about him this morning because the 2018 Gerber baby was just announced on national TV and he has Downs Syndrome. Honestly the very idea that someone like Billy is on the Today's Show and is being celebrated brings tears to my eyes.

A lot of the people I follow on Instagram have kids with Downs. I love seeing their adorable faces and hearing their tales of triumph. (I also follow a lot of people who have pet wallabies so conclusions shouldn't really be drawn from my Instagram feed.)

I expect today my Instagram feed will be full of triumph and joy. What a fun thing to look forward to.


I had a little scare this morning which turned out to be not much of anything. I found myself short of breath getting to the pool and having to stop a the end of the pool a couple of times just to breathe. But, that didn't last long and I was able to do most of the swim uninterrupted. It did remind me to appreciate having my breathing mostly back to normal.

So, yep, I did buy that scooter and now have no use for it. EXCEPT, I have plans. When it gets hot out and I can't go anywhere because the sun is too bright and the air is too stinking hot, I will get that scooter out and feel the wind in my hair as I scoot to anywhere I want. I'm so excited about this prospect. It will make Summers not horrible for me!

Today is house cleaner day. So I'll hit the road with errands. Goodwill and maybe Uwajimaya and Daiso and no telling what all else.

I have not plugged my Garmin Vivoactive in since I got it set up on Saturday. The battery is now at 79%. This I love. So many of the smart watches need daily charging and I'm just not up for that. I'm thinking this one will be happy with weekly charging which will be fine by me.

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We know what you are, madame. We are now merely haggling over the price.

When I was first contacted by my Mariner person (fancy schmancy ticket holders get a person of their own), I told him I was interested in moving closer to an aisle. My seat is smack in the middle of the row. In either direction, I have to crawl over 13 people. And even in the fancy schmancy section, they wasted no real estate on spaces between rows of seats.

I just got a lovely email from my person (his name is Mike but I like calling him my person). He's offering me a seat over one section (nearer the Mariner dugout), same row but only 4 people to crawl over. The trick is that it's for all the games, not just the 20 that I have now. It includes some upgraded options like a suite for 20 people for two games and some other perks.

And, it's only $17,000. or $200 per game.

That includes all food and drink and parking but still... I'm not sure I'd even want to go to every game especially a Diamond Club game.

Nice of him to ask, tho. He said he'd keep looking.