February 5th, 2018


Getting back into swimming first thing in the morning is glorious. Making sure I get up in time, not so much. I actually set a real alarm this morning for 4:30 and still stressed about it. I woke up at 3 and 3:15 and 3:30 and then, when the alarm actually went off, I was dead to the world. But I'll get there. It's sooooo worth it. Starting the day off with a win that is both fun and exercise? It's like if kale was chocolate.

I like my new watch a lot. It's great to swim with and, I'm increasingly appreciative of the land features. The band continues to annoy but, hopefully, the replacement I ordered today will fix that. If not, there are not a lot of different options so that could be a problem. I need to be able to type on my laptop and this damn band makes that really difficult.

Also coming today is my Kickstarter. Ages ago, I signed up with USPS and FedEx and UPS to automatically send me tracking updates on anything and everything coming to this address. Mostly I know what's coming because I ordered it and got a tracking number. But, once in a while, I get surprised. The Kickstarter people said they would send 'soon' but I didn't know when until I got a text that the package from Oregon (where this Kickstarter is from) will be delivered today! This is a little wifi music player to use while swimming. My fingers are crossed that it turns out to be as wonderful as I think it will be.

I watched about half the superbowl ads thanks to TiVo. It's wild to skip through content to get to the ads, I'll give'm that. I haven't gotten all the way to half time yet. I'll probably finish it today.

Today might well be Pants Making Day. I need some new ones and I have the fabric on hand. Seems like that's a good plan. Tonight is a home owners association meeting. Half the board is new so that will change the dynamic. Should be interesting.

Now I think I'll get dressed and maybe have another cup of coffee before I get serious about anything.

Monday's this and that

I'm not looking at my investment portfolio today. The stock market took a dip and I'm not interested in seeing how much poorer I am today than last week. I tried not to thrill when the total reached new heights. So it's only fair. Happily, I have social security and a small pension to live on so whew.


This week I've gotten a new smart watch/swimming tracker and a new swimming android device. Neither of them were what I expected really. So the first few hours with them were really frustrating and full of disappointment. But, once I got over that, I fell in love with each of them for reasons I hadn't counted on. It's been interesting. Usually I fall into instant lust with new tech. To have two non instant lust experiences in a row is weird.


The new watch band is exactly the good I was hoping for. I can type again. Also it fits way better and looks way better. Whew.


I took an afternoon walk around the block and was rewarded by my new watch saying that I'd reached the daily goal it set for me. The down side is it will not make that goal a higher number. Bad news/good news.


I got 3 pairs of pants cut out and ready to sew. Amazon and I are both now out of my preferred pants fabric but I think adding these three pair to the stack will get me through until Amazon gets new stock.


One of the HOA board members sent me an email and asked that I bring my notary stuff to the meeting tonight as they have to sign some insurance stuff. So I grabbed a bag and put the book, the stamp and a pen in it - a travel kit. The pen is one I pilfered from the Ganja Goddess pot shop. I think that's a fine instrument for notarizing.


Now that my lungs are all healed, I can focus on other broken body parts. My neck has had a crick in it for a week or so. It bugged me while I was swimming today so I dug out this old massager that almost went to Goodwill but got saved at the last minute. So yeah. I have no idea how long or how hard or how often to use it so I'm just spitballing. No change so far. I wish I had a real masseuse on hand.

Also my toe. The big twe on my right foot sometimes gets gout. I know what that feels like. But this is my left two and it feels way different than gout. But it's way sore. So maybe it's a different kind of gout. It's been bugging me for weeks now but I had bigger fish to fry so I ignored it. Now I want it fixed but don't really know how.


Oh and my TiVo got a new feature. Working with IfTTT, it now skips ads on its own!! It was doing fine with me pushing the SKIP button with every add but now I don't even have to push the button. It just skips them all by itself. Kind of fun, actually.


But, the big news of the day is that my favorite restaurant is opening a block and a half from here on Saturday!!! I'm quite excited about this. It opens at 6 am but I probably won't get there before 9:30. since I'll need to swim first.