February 2nd, 2018

Back in the saddle again

Either the alarm didn't fire or I didn't hear it but I did not wake up at 4:30. I woke up minutes before 5 but what the hay, still time. So I suited up, inhalered up and hit the road to the gym.

I swam for 45 minutes. My tracker says it was my slowest swim ever but I suspect the tracker has its nose out of joint about being so underused for the past month so not that reliable.

I must admit that I was a little psyched out. That day after my last swim at the chlorine pool was one of the scariest days of my life. I have zero interest in repeating it (which is why I cannot imagine going back to that chlorine pool ever). With every stroke, I was taking my swimming temperature... do I have enough breath, is this working ok, does this feel right/wrong/ok...

It did feel a little foreign. But, now, in hindsight, I think that was just some getting-back-on-the-bicycle feels and nothing else. At 45 minutes, I still had time to get home without traffic headaches plus, I was almost a little out of steam so I stopped and called it good for day 1. My tracker said I only did 1050 yards. Pathetic ... and fabulous.

And... guess who popped in about 15 minutes before I got out? My old pool boyfriend!!! The really hunky young one who was always so fun and so nice to me. He said he had missed me. awwwww. He's as hunky as ever. We had a nice reunion.

I got home at 6:30. It took an hour and change for the breathing horror to begin after that last chlorine swim. It is now 8:20 and I am so fine. I mean normal fine. Like everyone else fine. Fine and dandy fine. I can hardly believe it.

Tomorrow I start working on my distance/speed. I am now a swimmer again. Hallefuckinglooooyah!

Plus, the day has hardly started and already I've swum half a mile.

Just last night I got an email that my Kickstarter reward - a waterproof android MPS 3 player - is finally being shipped. It was supposed to get here last July but kickstarter... Now it's coming and may even be here next week. No more iTunes!! New swim tunes. It's a sign.

TiVo has a green skip button on the remote. For a lot of shows (most of the ones I record), when the programming breaks for ads, there's a little beep reminding you to hit the green button and it skips right over any commercials. For the SuperBowl, they are going to reverse it. After the SuperBowl is over, the skip button will skip over the game and get right to the commercials. I love that so much. I had every intention of skipping the SuperBowl in every way. Now I will be recording it for sure.

I'm not sure what's on tap for the rest of today. I got three swim suits cut out yesterday and I may sew one or more of them up today. And/or maybe sew something else or not. I might take a walk around the block. Just no telling what will happen and it does not matter. I'm on a swimming high.

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Odd and Ugh

So... The gym with the killer (as in will kill me) pool says on their website that they require membership cancellation to be in person. So this afternoon I went, in person. The woman who always let me in first thing in the morning was on duty. I told her what I wanted. She said Ok and went to get a paper out of a file drawer. She told me all that was needed was my name and signature. I wrote the name and signed it and then she grabbed it before I had a chance to read it. Yeah, I should have read before I signed. But, I didn't.

Then she said. "This is just step one. Next, someone will contact you with questions." She said she didn't know how or when I would be contacted.

Well, ain't that just customer friendly? I'd be spitting bullets except I'm sure that I'm not going to get a dime back and my membership does not expire until November. Still, not impressed.

I went on to Cash and Carry, the last place in town to carry 16 oz bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper. They had 4 six packs left. I got all 4. The woman at the cash register said they had cut way back because of the sugar tax. Yep, no tax on diet soda but the city of Seattle has implemented a $1.75 per ounce tax on all sugared drinks. And now the diet drinks are getting dissed in the process. Ugh.

I'll just start going across the city limits like the rest of Seattle, to get my drink of choice. No biggie.

Yet another theory...

I sent a note to Dr. Lung to tell him of what I discovered vis a vis the pool (sorry, I love using vis a vis and so rarely can work it in).

I just got this back from him:

"While it's possible it's related to chlorine, it's also possible you're dealing with an immune reaction to the bacteria in that particular pool. It is very common for swimming pools to be colonized with different types of bacteria, including "atypical mycobacteria" that can set off an immune reaction in the lungs, causing pneumonia like symptoms.

The delay in symptoms (started 2 hours after starting swimming) seems more suggestive of this than a problem due to chemical irritation from chlorine.

You could try swimming in a different chlorinated pool to experiment to see if it's the chlorine or something else."

I think it kind of makes sense. And maybe also explains why I was able to swim in the pool for a few weeks before it started killing me.

I'm actually relieved to know that maybe not all chlorine pools are off limits. But, since I don't have to, I'm not interested in trying one any time soon. Also his theory says that the LA Fitness pool is fine for me, since I swam in it's bacteria daily for so many years without issue. So, whew.