January 31st, 2018


For much of yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday. Turns out I was wrong. Since all my days are the same, it really doesn't matter but for some reason it was really disconcerting to have been off a day.

I got a lot done yesterday without a lot of breathing issues.

So today, I think I'm going to swim. I wanted to get up and do a sufficient lung check before trying so I didn't go early. It's now 7 and I'll need to wait until at least 8:30 or 9 to ensure I don't sit in traffic on my way home.

I'm going to the bromine pool. But I'm only going to do 30 minutes. If I hit the same issue I had on Saturday, I will be able to get to Dr. Lung to find out how to deal with it. Also, I just really want to know that I can still swim.

IF the problem is that I wasn't/am not recovered enough, this will be a mistake. But, if swimming helps my breathing which I have always believed it does, then this will help get me back to normal.

Yesterday morning, I stopped at the little market across the street and got a breakfast burrito. It was $4 and it was only marginally acceptable. So I went to the grocery store and got tortillas and made my own. I got creative - eggs, mushrooms, sausage crumbles, green onions and cheese. It seemed like a delicious idea yesterday. This morning, I realized that my favorite breakfast burrito is eggs with a little cheese. Nothing else. Okdokey. Still way better than that thing I had yesterday.

I got the test knit (creature that the pattern writer calls a bunny) nearly done. I'll finish it up this morning. The pattern is actually pretty fun to knit so I might make another one just because.

I had thought that my next sewing project would be a new swimsuit but I'm holding off on that and so don't really have much else in the pipeline. I have tons of fabric so if something pops up, I'm ready.

I just saw this and for some reason it just tickled my fancy. Air BnB for garages... As a condo dweller, I can totally appreciate this but it still cracks me up.

30 more minutes - tl;dr - VICTORY!!!

Last Saturday, I swam for an hour and felt fine. I showered and dressed and went to a restaurant for breakfast and felt fine. I felt the first sign of a problem coming up from the garage when I got home. And, within an hour after that, I was in deep breathing trouble.

So... today I swam 15 minutes only. I got showered and dressed and sat in a shitload of traffic coming home but I feel fine. I figure that in the next 30 minutes (11am) I should start feeling bad, if it's going to happen. If I can make it to 1 pm, I'm totally declaring victory.

There are some good changes that have happened since last I swam at this gym. I was looked in the eye and greeted warmly by two staff members. (This is way more than ever, in total, greeted me warmly in the three years I went there every day.) All of the hair has been removed from the showers.

Part of the swim today was to check on all that and the state of the pool maintenance and to make sure that if my lungs approved, this pool was still a viable option. It totally is.

As soon as I kicked off from the wall the first time I instantly remembered that I really really really do love swimming and I was pretty sure I had come back too soon. I swam very slowly and decided that 30 minutes was 15 too many. So I did a few good laps and stopped a couple of times and swam some more and quit at 15 minutes.

So now I wait. To see if I can breathe.


Ok it is now 11:30 and seriously, I feel finer than ever. I'm not waiting until 1. I'm declaring victory now. Swimming is in my future. From here on out I will wean? my way back in - taper on? Whatever.

I feel like that 1. I will not lose my enjoyment of swimming. 2. I won't forget how to do it. 3. When my lungs get back to normal so will my swimming.

This is pretty giant for me. Just even the psychology of it is such a relief. Yeah!