January 30th, 2018

The Plan Du Jour

When my day starts off with an hour long swim, the rest of the day is just gravy. It doesn't matter what I do, I've already accomplished a bunch.

When my day starts off with no swimming, I feel like I'm behind all day. A slacker. A n'er do well. Plus, when I sit, or walk around the house, I feel fine. Fine like I have the lungs to do whatever I want. So why didn't I swim already?

This morning I answered that with a walk around the block. First of all, a walk around the block at 8:15 is an invitation to see the maximum number of canines shitting and pissing all over everything. We don't have that much dirt around here and there is nearly a queue at every tree well.

But, I digress... I made it around the block but it wasn't a breeze. I had to stop, briefly, a couple of times. So, that's answers the why no swimming question.

However, I do think I can make it to the pie truck at lunchtime - on foot. I also think I can work in a grocery run this afternoon. So. Not terrible. And better than yesterday.

This morning's activities involve lung-friendly knitting. A woman on Ravelry has a new pattern and needs it tested. It's a cute little creature not unlike a bunch of others I have done so it will be an easy test.