January 29th, 2018

My head is healed, my lungs are working on it

I slept until 7 am this morning. That's the latest I can remember sleeping in forever. At least I'm well rested. I got up and peed and then went out to the living room and shut the door to the terrace and got my laptop. Both difficult yesterday, easy today.

Then I sat for an hour on the bed and internetted and felt great. I'm thinking... today I'll make sure I can walk around the block and then tomorrow I'll swim!!

Then I got up to take a much needed shower and get dressed and learned that my lungs are in the GREAT when not doing anything but just try and make us work and you'll be sorry stage. But, I'm not sorry, I'm clean. It was a bit of a struggle but at least I don't smell like a nurshing home and have the not washed in a week hair to match. There will be no swimming tomorrow.

But, there will be activity today. As much as I can stand. ljtourist hypothesizes that the most recent flair up could be due to the actual exertion of swimming instead of the chemicals. That maybe I went too hard/long too soon. I honestly do not think that was it because I felt fine for the first hour an a half after the swim. I would think, if the actual exertion was the problem, it would have showed up before I even got out of the pool. BUT what if he's right?

So my new tact is to push myself gently. When I've sat and rested enough to feel fine, I'll get up and do something. Change the sheets on the bed. Walk up and down the hall. Taking the trash down to the dumpster. And if all that works, maybe even go outside. Little things but things. Not just sitting.

That's the plan.

The short term goal is to make it up to Occidental Park (3 blocks from here) tomorrow for lunch from The Pie Truck. I keep missing this every time it gets close. It will be there tomorrow and I plan to be there too. Preferably on foot and not on scooter.

Ooops, Sorry

I decided to move some fabric from the closet and rearrange some stuff on the shelves in there and that's how I inadvertently discovered Zoey's new hiding/napping/I-want-to-be-alone spot. There are two closets there, side by side that are just shelves. She can always find a nice, comfy spot in there somewhere. At least this time, she picked some black fabric to lie on. There are lots of things in that closet that would not look at nice with black cat hair on them.

I changed the sheets on the bed, did a load of landry and put it away. Made a new shirt - same pattern as the hedgehog one but with a turtleneck instead of a hood. I love that pattern. Then I gathered up all the trash and made a trip down to the dumpster. That last bit was the only bit that got COPD'd. I had to stop and breathe a bit before I could get back up here. I'm taking the rest of the day off.

I'm guessing tomorrow will be even better and maybe I can try to swim again on Saturday.

I wrote to the membership guy at the gym on Saturday and told him I would have to cancel my membership and asked for some of my money back. I have not gotten a reply. I'm guessing I won't. Their website says you need to go in and cancel face to face. I'm cool with that. But, there's really no hurry. I'm sure I will not get any money back at all. Those wonderful swims I had will turn out to be very expensive ones. Oh well. It's the cost of breathing. And I do love breathing.

I need milk and cream and cash and bread. And I still haven't gotten to the ATM yet. Clearly 'need' isn't the right word here cause I've done fine without and will still be without tomorrow. Oh well, at least I have a list!