January 25th, 2018

if you dream it...

Last night I dreamed that I went back to the pool. I couldn't swim because there was a class and then they were closing.

But, I'm getting closer to the real thing.

In fact, I'm now thinking I'm going to give it a try on Saturday. I'm going to set my expectations very low and not be disappointed if it doesn't work. That's my current plan.

Last night I walked a lot without having to stop. I was short of breath a couple of times and panting some after the longest stretch but mostly I was fine. Absolutely way better. When I first wake up, it has been the worst. Just getting to the living room to shut the sliding glass doors has been a challenge. This morning, not so much!! I'm very encouraged.

So Saturday we will see.

Last night was really cool. I did not know what to expect. The invite said that the doors open at 6 and the program started at 7:30. We got there about 6:40 which was a mistake. We should have gotten there at 6. There was a lavish food spread - several actually and bars set up everywhere. The food ranged from OMG delish to meh but it was all spectacularly presented and fun. Seafood and sushi to chicken and waffles.

We saw that locker room and the training rooms and the hallways and places behind doors that say NO MEDIA ALLOWED. It was wild to be at the empty stadium and look down on the field. They really did roll out the red carpet and it was just cool to be there. There were maybe 200 people there. We felt special.

Then we gathered in this one room where they served delicious dessert and we had the program which turned out to be pretty simple but really fun. The president of the Mariners talked very briefly. Then meowmensteen's main man Aaron Goldsmith (radio announcer) was the MC and really did a nice job of it. He introduced 4 of the players. Two of them were ones we just got a few months ago and two were relatively new players who did play some last year. All four guys were fun and cool and it was interesting and enjoyable. And, while I was pretty excited about the new season before, now I really am.

On the way out they handed us gift boxes. These turned out to house two lovely drink glasses with the Mariner logo and even little steel ice cubes that also have the Mariner logo! Nice parting gift!

It was a very nice little perk. The team people, when I have talked to them about tickets, have always worked in the phrase "you are very special to us" which sounds like so much bologna BUT they do back it up with cool stuff so I no I believe.

Today I am going back to the fabric shop. A special order came in yesterday after I was there. And then I will swing by the bike shop to see if they have any ideas for a lock for my scooter. I never made it to the ATM so there's that. And I may combine that last item with a test walk around the block. I've been afraid to try for fear that I'll get halfway and can't go further or get home. But, now I think maybe I can and I'd like to see for sure.

Plus I have sewing to do.


I just walked around the block!! I had to stop twice. Once, very briefly, to breathe and once to blow my nose. It's cold and rainy and nose runny BUT I did it. And not at the SlowOldLady pace either. I didn't break any land speed records but anyone watching me would know I had places to go and people to see. And I didn't just barely make it inside to stand and pant either. I was fine. Really fine.

I am so relieved. I am now convinced that Dr. Lung was not feeding me bullshit. I will get back to breathing like I used to and doing what I used to do. I've spent may days since the first of December thinking I never would. That pool had better be ready for me on Saturday!

Earlier today, I gave the scooter a bullet test. I went uphill and down and rode over broken pavement and it did fine. It does need a better horn/bell. But otherwise, it is solid. And now, it may well, be my umbrella scooter that I rarely, if ever use because I no longer need it. Fine by me.