January 24th, 2018

Trying to be realistic

I really do think things are getting better. Lungwise and otherwise. Lungwise is very very slow. But, while I still can't do a lot of what I want to do, like swim or walk around the block, I can now walk around the house with ease and I no longer feel just generally crummy.

Now the problem becomes how do I get the rest back without going backwards. I feel like if I just sit around here waiting to get well, my muscles and lungs won't know that's the plan and they will just get lazy. But, if I stress them too much, they will turn on me. It's a fine line.

Today's plan is kind of set and on the right course, I think. This morning, the house cleaner comes and I will at least get out of the house. I think I'll do the usual Goodwill check and then run some other errands. And, if that goes well, maybe a short walk.

Tonight is the Mariner deal which should be fun. I gather we'll get into normally not-available-to-the-public areas of the ballpark and hear from the executives and a few of the newly acquired ballplayers.

My new scooter battery did not take 12 hours to charge. It was done in 5 which was a pleasant surprise. I plopped it into the scooter and took it for a test drive down the hallway. It's just perfect for what I want. Easy to maneuver, comfortable and small. That was a good use of $200. Even if, as rsc suggests it turns into am umbrella purchase. Like when you remember to take your umbrella and then the promised rain never shows... Now that I have it, I will no longer need it. THAT would be very perfect.

I do miss swimming. A lot.

All good

The house cleaner was late. My rule is that if she can't get here before 10 then we just skip a week. She got here at 9:50. I had put the basket o' stuffed people on the green chair. I was back in the sewing room and before she took off her coat she said "were you able to make anything from the basket?" I told her to go see the green chair.

She was so delighted. She carefully examined each one and declared it her favorite and then picked up the next one and it was her new favorite, etc. It was fun.

On to Goodwill where I unloaded all the stuff from the closet and then found more to buy. Fabric. Good stuff. Then on to errands.

Breathing wise, I did ok. Clearly not back to pre-December but way better than last week. I even made it up from the car without having to stop. I was panting like a champ in the elevator but still, way better.

Then I took the scooter out for a test drive. I needed elastic from the fabric shop. It wasn't a big enough need to try and walk but I wanted to test the scooter anyway so perfect.

The scooter moves faster than I can walk. But not much faster.
It's easy enough to maneuver.
If it's only me in the elevator, I can easily turn it around so I don't have to back in or out.
There a tiny (and so, hilarious) beep beep beep when you back up.
But, it gets me there and back!

Maybe the best part is that it feels dorky enough and inconvenient enough - like going through doors and there's no way to lock it... that if walking is an option, I will absolutely be walking. But, it's great to have when walking is a problem.

I forgot to stop at the ATM so I'll go out and do that later. On foot.