January 23rd, 2018

Day 2

I got up to pee in the middle of the night and by the time I got back to bed I was gasping for breath. The toilet is maybe 10 steps from the bed. Sigh. This morning things are not that bad but not as good as yesterday or maybe I was just kidding myself yesterday.

When I sit or lie down, I am fine. This is better than it was last weekend. So I'm not discouraged. However, I don't plan on swimming or doing anything exertive until I feel substantially better.

I am headed over the lake to Bellevue this morning. I have a date to buy the scooter at 11:00. That's it. That's the only thing on the agenda. Otherwise it will be like yesterday - doing only what I feel like doing.

Scooter success


The sellers did not turn out to be killers. Well, actually, I don't know that. They didn't kill me. That I do know. They had a gynormous garage full to the brim with stuff and other stuff outside of it. Fortunately the scotter box was right in front and it took no time to put the pieces in my car. I had folded down the shotgun seat so there was zero problem putting it all in.

I needed 3 things at Walmart and there are two on the way home. I stopped at the first one - a small one - and they did not have 2 of the things and then I lost interest/breath and came on home.

I got the bits up here and got it put together. It's small and simple, just like I wanted. It has arms but I don't need/want them so I took them off. It will fit easily and perfectly into one of my bedroom closets. This was what I was worried about. I want it out of sight when I'm not using it and finding garage space was heaven. I do have to figure out what to do with the shit in the closet. Yo, Goodwill?!

The battery is charging now. The manual says it takes 12 hours. It has a red charging light that turns to green.

I'm really quite delighted. Especially for $200.

I have been doing this and doing that most of today and really pretty comfortably. I don't have enough breath to swim or even walk around the block but I am better. I feel better and I'm able to do more. I'm expecting this trend to continue. My current thinking is to continue on, like I have been this week. No swimming or any kind of extracurricular cardio. Until at least this weekend. Then I'll re-evaluate and decide.

Now I need to take the cart I borrowed to get the scooter bits up here back down to the garage where it belongs.

Storage pride

On my way to take the cart back, I remembered the closet. So I stopped and did that. I found a place for everything and moved the scooter in.

I'm feeling quite proud of myself for that not even being a huge chore. There was a time when every single square inch of my living space was crammed with shit. No more. I still have way too much stuff but, it's so much better.

Plus, there are two gynormous boxes of teddy bear stuffing in this closet with the scooter. When they are used up, I'll switch to smaller bags which are easier to come by and easier to stash here and there.


Close the curtains and you'll never know... Victory!