January 22nd, 2018


Today we're trying a new thing. (Who the hell is 'we'????) No swimming. There may be a walk down the hall just to test the lung status but maybe not. I'm going to try an stay quiet and just do what is comfortable to do.

Yesterday I got out my shovel and dug into lung issues on Google. I hit a pocket of some real technical medical shit and decided that maybe a few years of medical school beats a few hours of Googleing but still I got some good info, I think. At least info that makes me feel better.

One thing I learned which is particularly comforting in a kind of odd way is that fixing shortness of breath does not mean oxygen 24/7. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is what I have and it is different than hypoxemia (low blood oxygen) which is what they fix by strapping on an oxygen tank. I do not have hypoxemia.

I also found, maybe, a deal on a scooter. One (or 1.5) big scooter issues is where, in my house, to keep it when I don't need it. Because, hopefully, there will be big blocks of time when I won't need it. So The foldable, travel kind is what I want. But, of course, those are more expensive. They range from about $600-$1500 new. However, it turns out, most people don't buy new. There are bascillion used scooters for sale. Kind of creepy when you figure this is true because their owners died and/or are not now well enough to use them. But, whatever.

I found one 'for sale' from a guy over near the Microsoft campus who says it was new in the sealed box in a storage unit he bought the contents of. This model sells for $700. He was asking $300. I offered $200 and he said ok. I'm waiting now to hear pickup/sale details from him. So if he follows through, and he's not lying and this thing works, it will be perfect. Stay tuned.

So far I've wallowed in bed but I think maybe that's not going to work long term. I think I'll get up and get dressed and go wallow in the living room for a while.

Doing nothing. Exciting stuff!

Good news for a change!

about a month ago, because I'm an idiot, I cut out some excess telephone wire without remembering that it is no longer used for telephone but now for internet. the isp guy connected the wires back together but in a real fragile fashion.

last week the internet went out for a minute and i thought fuck! it's that wiring. it wasn't but i got on the horn and found someone to fix it. the guy came today. the nicest guy in the world. he fixed it right up. No longer fragile... it's rock solid with clips and safely out of he way.

WHEW and yeah!!

But in even bigger news, I am better. I feel better - better than I did Saturday or Sunday. I just went out to walk up and down the hall and did the whole circuit without stopping for the first time in many days. I'm panting now but not as desperately as I have been. I really am encouraged.

It could be

1. This was the day I get better regardless.
2. I needed to not start the day with even a little exercise.
3. (or really 2a) I needed more rest/sleep.
4. The new inhaler I started (Spiriva) on Saturday, really is magic.
5. I needed to breathe no chlorine
6. Swimming kills.

I need 5 and 6 to please please please not be true.

But it is nice to not feel like shit. So nice.

I finally heard back from the scooter guy. I'm meeting him (in a public place) tomorrow at 11. Worst case, he's a serial killer and I'm a dead duck. Second worse case, the thing doesn't work and I'm out $200. He's sold a lot of other things and has a 5 out of 5 star rating so I'm guessing the killer thing is probably a no. The $200 is a crap shoot and I'm willing to shoot.

PLUS... Hopefully, I'll get it home set it up, test it out and then have no use for it!

I'm all set for the housecleaner on Tuesday. I have a basket full of stuff made from her goodies.


I have another bear to add to the pile but he's not finished yet.