January 20th, 2018

My tracker and I agree...

My swim this morning was not terrible because an hour in the water is a better hour than any other BUT it was not a good swim. I did a couple of 200 yard swims but mostly did 50's and 100's with stops in between to catch my breath.

Then I went to the grocery store - slowly - and handled that without issue. However, getting everything from the car to my condo was a big issue.

It's all so depressing. Last night I woke up and could hear the Amazon party breaking up. It is maybe 40 feet from my bed to the sliding glass doors and I actually did lie in bed and debate whether or not it was worth the panting/gasping it would take to get from bed to the door and back. (My breathing is way way way worse when I get up in the morning or the middle of the night. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to be able to move without gasping but then it's ok.)

I gave up on walking to the ballpark next Wednesday. ljtourist is coming as my +1. So, if he agrees, I'm going to pick him up and drive us the ballpark and let him drop me off at the door and then park the car. Then I can take him home after. I'm assuming a lot but I think he'll go for it.

Last night I thought about a motorized Razor ... my balance sucks but otherwise, I'd be tempted to try one. If this does not get better by March 30 - my first game of the season, I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe there's a magical tiny, foldable, electric scooter I could get. I wish there was a magical, tiny, foldable, electric scooter store.

But enough of that. Time to get on with my day. I need to put away the groceries and put on another shirt. It is chilly in here. And then maybe a little doll making.

I feel better when I have a plan

Swim today - 4
Land yesterday - 4

Today was spent researching scooters. The Mobility kind. The foldable/storable kind. Pricey but, they will get me to baseball games if all else fails. It looks like my insurance may cover some of the cost but even if not, at least it's an option. With choices. That will work. And fit into my house without taking up half of it.

Tomorrow it will be one week since I was at Dr. Lung's. I feel way worse now than I did then. I'm giving it another week and then I'm going to contact him ... I know you said time... but how fucking much time??!!

I did go take the garbage down to the dumpster and noticed there was a rather odd looking queue in front of the front door of the building.

After the garbage dump, I went out to investigate. There are young and old with bags of stuff lined up nearly the entire block (and it's along block). I finally asked somebody... Marshawn Lynch (he used to be a Seahawks football player) has a pop up shop at the end of the block and, apparently is there today signing autographs. This is, for some - old and young and fat and thin - a VBD. So they are queued up with their stuff to sign. Weird. He hasn't played here in nearly a year according to Wikipedia.

On the up side I only had to stop once on the garbage/queue investigation trip.

I made 1.5 dolls. And I'm happy with the progress with the Christmas present goods. I think my house cleaner will be happy with the results.