January 14th, 2018

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3rd quarter

We're watching Jacksonville play football. My brother lived in Jacksonville for many years and absolutely has a dog in this hunt. So we are not giving this game lip service. So far it's been ok for J but it's getting dicey.

My swim was good again today. I had no breathing issues but I did get more tired than usual. It was perfectly doable which is all I ask.

Bill had breakfast started when I walked in the door which was beyond a treat. And then football.

Meanwhile, he has done or helped me with so many house tweaks this week, that I feel like I have a new house. Today's revelation was two wall sculptures that I love but did not love where they were hanging. He helped me find a much better place and hung them.

We're going to make a giant Goodwill run (or 2) and so I've now got space on shelves. We replaced a very ugly, ungainly storage area in the bedroom with a sleek efficient one and have completely streamlined the front entry situation. It's so fun to have a second opinion and good suggestions and heavenly to come up with a good idea and have it executed immediately.

And fun.

After the football game, we may do the first Goodwill run and then we are going to go pot shopping (weed, not containers) and other errands. Tonight is omakase at the chef's bar at a fun, low key and exceedingly excellent restaurant in West Seattle.