January 6th, 2018

Good... not good

I had a terrible thought as I walked into the pool room this morning... what if all my current lung issues are due to chlorine. I started having trouble the first week of December. I started swimming in the pool 30 days earlier. Before that for 3 years I swam in a bromine pool.

I got in and started off slowly and swam better than I have in weeks. I swam 1950 yards in one hour and 20 minutes. Normally, I can do 1950 in about 65 minutes. Olympic swimmers do that in 15 minutes. Fuck 'em. I stopped only a couple of times and even those stops were not panting, just breathing for about 3 beats and then going on. It's the first time in weeks, that I've had time to think about stuff while I swam - stuff other than where my next breath was coming from. It was pretty sweet.

One of the things I thought about was making a grocery store stop so I did. Unfortunately, that wasn't as successful. I was short of breath just walking around. And had to stop twice while getting from the car to my front door.

BUT, just now, I saw the FedEx man on Front Door TV network and knew he'd have trouble finding someone to buzz him in, so I trotted down there to give him entry and I was fine. Energetic, not one bit winded.

So who the fuck knows. I still have 7 more days of prednisone so probably way too soon to give up. Today, I plan to do just what I want. Sit and breathe and feel fine. No walks unless I want to. No doing actually anything I want to. I'm tired of feeling like crap and so today will be tailored to not feeling like crap.

In my mind, I had my brother and sister arriving on Tuesday. Turns out, they are coming on Wednesday. This is fine. But, I wonder why my brother didn't snark at my pressing for plans. He's up to his ass in alligators with work stuff and I'm all over inconsequential planning for vacation.

But, Wednesday is also better in terms of another day of lung recovery.

I have a sewing project underway and today is the day to get that yarn drawer sorted. And there is lots of good TV and I'm in the middle of an excellent book. So... mostly... everything is totally coolio.

Well, there's 3 hours I'll never see again

My Dropcam lost connection with the mother ship and the mother ship says tuff. This was in a long, boring, tedious chat with Google. I love their products but their customer supports sucks donkey balls. I'd bet a limb that the issue is on their end with their software fixable easily by them. But, they are saying that the cam is corrupt and here's a 20% loyal customer voucher for buying a $199 replacement from them (which, by the way, I can get from them via Amazon for $150).

Just a leeetle frustrating. But, I think I'm just going to do without. The Axis cam still works fine.




(same cam/different ways to view)

But, of course, then I fell into the rabbit hole of looking for a replacement. The problem is webcams today are all about security. Most do not even allow for public access. I could get another/better Axis but they are very pricey and ugly and are really made for massive security setups.

I need to stop. This is stupid. I need to move on with my life.

I did get the yarn drawer fixed. Whew. I had popcorn for lunch. I've been trying to watch one episode of The Crown all fucking afternoon. The chat (see above) didn't help. On the up side, while I haven't stressed it much, I am breathing nicely.

Hold on, Elizabeth, as soon as I pee, I'll get back and finish you. I promise.

A lesbian star for me!!

My friend, Tija, who lives upstairs (and owns a gym across the the street and is the partner of Sandy the HOA president) just knocked on my door holding two ethernet cables.

She wanted to know which one she should use to get her Apple TV hookup fixed (go from wifi to cable). I explained and showed her how she could tell that they were both fine. What threw her was those rubber guards that some ethernet cables have. These didn't have them so she was confused.

We had a nice chat and as she was leaving she said since they were the same she was going to pick by color and I allowed as how I totally got that as I had purple ones for my living room. And then explained that I had gotten a big roll of purple and just clipped the ends on. Her jaw dropped.

"I did not know you could even do that!! That is totally worth ONE Lesbian Star for you!!"

Cracked me up. But, I got it now and she can't take it back!