January 3rd, 2018

Coming back

I woke up at 4:30 and actually got up but decided not to chance an early morning trip to the pool and went back to sleep.

I don't swim in the middle of the day because 1. I just like starting the day with the swim and 2. I like having the rest of the day uninterrupted with stuff I have to do.

But, today, I can handle it and I'll batch it up with other good stuff and so avoid the bridge coming home until all the traffic is gone. I'll drop off the toys, pop into the dollar store, drop into Walgreens and top off the adventure with some delicious Popeye's for lunch and get some for dinner, too! Popeye's doesn't open til 10:30. I need an hour and a half for swimming and probably 45 mins for the other stuff plus maybe 15 mins of travel time. So... I'll leave here about 8 which is in about 30 minutes. Totally doable - both avoiding traffic wise and breath wise, I think.

I am determined. I'm going to get these lungs working again if at all possible. These last 3 weeks have been not at all fun. Or very tolerable. My plan is to increase exercise - swim each day - walk at least around the block without fail. And, if that doesn't work, then I give up. But I'm not going to give up without trying first.

This is the week, for the past few years, when I am always sorry I gave up going to CES. Except, I just looked at a few of the CES predictions for this year and, I got no regrets. I don't care about 4K TVs, AR or VR (at least at this stage), automated cars or drones. And as much as I love gadgets, I have ZERO interest in connecting my hairbrush to the internet.

Ok, time to suit up and get the party started.

And... a snap of the crowd headed out this morning.


Progress in the right direction

My swim was not great. But it was way better. I was able to capture some of that 'This is why I love swimming' feeling so that was rewarding right there. I'm still having to stop a little here and there outside the water, to catch my breath, but I managed all my stops and all my errands without a problem.

I always keep large water bottles in the car. One for drinking, one for backup. I LOVE winter because the water is ice cold and so much more delicious than lukewarm. That nice, ice cold water kept the coughing down.

If I were younger and/or a hipster wanna be, I'd be totally embarrassed by how much the dollar store feeds my soul. But I'm old and can, in no way at all, be considered cool, so I just wallow in it. $24 of just bliss. It's crazy really.

And Popeye's. No one understands chicken like Popeye's. I got lunch and dinner and extra for tomorrow. Plus cole slaw.

I have my first notary public job!!! My neighbors, upstairs, have two documents. They are coming down about 5:30. I need to get out my stuff and review what I need to do. Exciting!!!

Pool notes. There's an aqua fit class from 8-9 MWF and 9-10 TT. They use up all but 3 of the lanes. Wednesdays are traditionally a high volume day at gyms/pools around here. And today the lanes were nearly full during the class. Driving over the bridge at 8:30/9am demonstrated that anytime between about 6 and 8:30 is NOT a good time to be coming home. (The bridge is the only really viable way home from the gym and also connects an enormous bedroom community to the rest of Seattle and beyond.)

So... my leaving for the pool times are anytime EXCEPT 6-8 every day and 6-9:15 MWF.

I think I'm going to give up trying to get there at 5 am for a while. At least until next week. I think maybe good sleep might be better for me until I get these lungs soundly working again.

And one more pool note. The swimmers at this pool are consistently the nicest, most considerate group of swimmers in town. The city pools have a mixed bag. LA Fitness West Seattle has a few nice people but not very many considerate ones. I found one nice swimmer at LA Fitness Ballard and lots and lots of rude, inconsiderate ones.

I have yet to even see anyone at this pool show the tiniest bit of bad attitude. Today I stopped a guy in the next lane. He was finishing up and checking his watch. I wanted to see what he had. (It was one of those giant old Garmin ones.) We had the nicest conversation about swim tech. It was very cool. Nice swimmers make such a big difference in pool ambiance.

Now I think I'm going to unpack all my dollar store goodies and put them away. And then head for the sewing room. I'm still planning a walk around the block. I working on my breathing and my nerve.

Fail, but it's ok

I did not go around the block. I just didn't think there was enough air. I did an up and back of the hallway at a very energetic clip and made it without stopping so that's a bit of a victory. And then I did it again a few hours later. Even better than the first time. Around the block for sure tomorrow.

I got a shit load of little stuff done around the house. Laundry (pants peeing makes laundry an every day thing - I will be soooooo glad when that is over). kitchen cleanup. I sugru'd some backup swim earbuds as my favorite set finally bit the dust. The rubber tips I love are made for specific earbuds but they are way over priced so I use cheap ones and rubber glue them on.

I even managed some good sewing. I have my next top half done. It's a new (to me) pattern and of course I had to hack it by making short sleeves long ones. I'm making it out of these really amazingly soft denim sheets I got at Goodwill a while back. I hope it turns out great but at this point I can't tell for sure. Tomorrow.

I feel way better. Not perfect but so much better. I'm so grateful.