December 15th, 2017

I give up

Yesterday's reprieve seems to have been temporary. I'm back to full coughing today. My abs are getting quite the workout. I'm going to have a solid six pack soon. The first half of my swim today was miserable. Coughing while swimming is a petty dicey affair. By the second half, however, things got much much better and I ended up enjoying it and glad I went.

Fridays, by the way, are in competition with Mondays for big crowds at the pool. Because the pool is so big - six lanes with one of them a double - it's really never too crowded. And the population remains way older (and almost exclusively white - not even any Asians - it's kind of creepy that it's so white) than LA Fitness. And the individual swimmers swim longer sessions. It's such an interesting difference.

Anyway, I'm going to get that stupid antibiotic prescription filled today. If it cures me I'm going to be pissed that I waited so long to take it. If it doesn't I'm going to be pissed that I got sucked into the antibiotic game. Nice way to set myself up.

The Capital One accounts website it down. It gives me a visual of gray corporate offices filled with white men in gray suits with heads rolling up and down between the cubicles. For sure at least one part of that organization is having a no good very bad morning.

So as soon as the gotowork traffic simmers down, I'm off to the drug store. And then maybe I'll pop into the grocery store. I could stand to put some gas in the car.

And then I want to get started on that pattern I started yesterday. And I'd very much like to quit coughing.

More complaining...

I took the antibiotic a good 5 hours ago and so far I feel worse than I have since this thing first attacked. Probably not a cause and effect but still. I'm so tired of this cough.

On the bright side, the antibiotic - not covered by insurance - was $3.29. I was astounded. My inhalers (one of which is basically generic) are like $200 a pop. The disparity is wild. This country's medical cost situation is just out of control.

And speaking of insurance...

And I just got another phone call from Humana. There are 3 pages of communications preferences on their website. My selection is DO NOT communicate with me but if you feel like you must, then email only. Last September I bitched on Twitter and was, supposedly, put on their do not call list. I just bitched again and was, again promised this elusive and clearly ineffective do not call list. Those people really like to fuck with me.

It is truly a night for easy comfort food dinner... sausages and mac n cheese.

I'm declaring today the worst and tomorrow starts the better.