December 10th, 2017


Today appears to be a much better breathing day. The first half of my swim was rough but then everything got better, no wheezing, no coughing, no gasping. Nice. My lung doctor wonder allowed once whether the required rhythmic breathing of swimming was an aid in training my lungs to better handle every day life. I think he may have been on to something.

It seems like everyone in my Live Journal feed and my Instagram feed got snow... except me. (Yeah, you can read some whining in there, too.) We not only have no snow, we have no hint that we will get any. At least everyone is tracking and recording and sharing their snow so I get some... kinda.

I want to go down to Kent (about 25 minutes from here) to a couple of stores they have that we don't. I can't decide if it would be better to go today or tomorrow. Road traffic and store traffic are under consideration here. I think there will probably be more store traffic today and more road traffic tomorrow. It actually does not really matter one way or the other. Oh wait. I just thought to check Google's "Popular Times" - ok then. Tomorrow it is!

Shocking news to no one, I think I'll go sew.

A room with a view

My living room has sliding glass doors with floor to ceiling plate glass windows. The windows have been filthy since forever. The house cleaner keeps saying she's going to get to them and doesn't. I only think of it when the sun is out. (Never wash windows on a sunny day - old wives tale #57.)

There's no sun out today. And I was sitting here thinking I should get up and move some. So I grabbed the window cleaner and the paper towels and holy fuck! I can see outside now!! Nice. They aren't perfect. When the sun does come out, I'll see streaks but I'm not even going to worry about it.

I used some of my trash fabric to make up the new shirt (from Finland). With the serger, it's almost a no brainer. I love that little machine. The test shirt was good and pretty close to perfect. Enough so that I had enough info to make a more long lasting pattern out of heavy paper so I did.

Then I went through all my heavy paper patterns and tossed a few that I know I'll never make again and organized the rest.

Then I got back on the data base project. I have half the fabric stashed cataloged and a little more than half the patterns. Plus, I have a library of sewing 'extras' - tips, tutorials, etc. Everything is backed up to spreadsheets and cloud sync'd. Both the copy on my chromebook and the copy on my phone care kept current automagically. It's very cool. And totally worth the effort.