September 28th, 2017

Happy Thursday

I had another glorious swim this morning. It was a bit more crowded but not terrible. I'm still distracted by how clear the water is. My old pool had bright florescent lights over the pool. So bright that doing a backstroke was not comfortable if you opened your eyes. So I wore the darkest goggles I could find.

The new pool has dim lighting so dark goggles seem silly. I keep a pair of clear ones as my backups so I dug them out this morning. Turns out the reason they are backups is because they are scratched and blurry beyond belief. What's the fun of having clear water when you can't see through your goggles!

So when I got home, I went to Amazon and I was about halfway through all the gazillion options when I realized I was going right past a Big 5 Sports and I could go in and buy them in person just like in the olden days.

And, just like in the olden days, I got to deal with a surly clerk who mumbled so badly I had to ask her to repeat 3 times before I could understand that she was telling me to stick my card in the chip slot where it had been since before she told me the first time. And I was able to pay way more than Amazon for the same thing (Amazon + same day delivery = still less than what the surly clerk wanted.

But, I have goggles for tomorrow and that's what counts today.

I also had a great breakfast with my friend, Barrie. I hadn't seen her in so long, she'd grown her hair out! We agreed too long. Great breakfast with some amazing potatoes which I brought home. They will be fabulous for dinner tonight.

OMG I started this entry hours ago and never hit send. Since then I've made a doll and decided it's too hot to work in the sewing room so I've moved to the living room and am getting ready to cut out the henley shirt.