September 24th, 2017

Saving $$

There's this cool place where they recycle stuff and sell it and use it for a crafts place for kids - Three times a year, they have a fabric sale. I've never been. Today's one of those three times. I have been Go/No Go - ing myself all morning. Finally, I decided that right now, I have a ton of fabric and don't have room for more and it's one of those things where the smart money is to get there at 11. Not enough time to really come home from the pool and do much of anything. Too much time to go from the pool even with breakfast thrown in. Clearly the stars said no go. But, next time...

Zoey has been my cat now for 4.5 years. And only now have I really come to understand her eat/drink situation.

1. no drinking unless it is out of a drinking glass. if it's my glass of ice water, ok. if it's my glass and it's almost empty, she'll give it a try anyway. but, if i keep a glass for her full of water on the counter, she's most happy about that.

2. she hops on the counter (near where her food bowl goes) nearly every time I'm in the kitchen but, I've just learned, sometimes it's just to see what the haps are. If she's in the mood for a nosh, she meows. If not, she just sits. A simple meow, means 1/2 a an envelope of the gravy stuff is sufficient. Actually, anything else is rejected with barely a sniff.

3. when she's loud and adamant and stalking all around the counter in an eat-now-or-die fashion, she'll eat pretty much anything I put in the bowl.

I'm sure she's writing in her journal how FINALLY I figured it out.

I just got amazing wedding photographs. Turns out the brother of the nephew who got married - Alex - who by day is a psychologist to trouble youths in Boston - is an amazing people photographer!! He just kept shooting until he had a good shot of everyone in the group - big groups and small. He got a GREAT shot of every everyone and many many great ones of most and he absolutely captured the spirit. I wish I was British so I could say I am gobsmacked at his talent.

This one just delighted me. It's the photographer's brother - the groom - in his den. And on the wall behind him are my parents. I actually have the originals of those photographs but I'd never seen them in one frame together. Perfect. Also, while not my style, I love how cozy and homey that den is.

Here's the bride and groom surrounded by my brother and Uno (his first wife - who, by the way, refers to herself as Uno which always cracks me up).

Here's the brothers - no clue who took this one. Alex (purple shirt) is older by a year and a half.

So fun.

Today will be sewing and baseball and whatever else happens.