August 21st, 2017

Totally missed the boat on this one

Eons ago ljtourist asked me if I had any interest in going to Oregon to see the eclipse. I had so little interest, I didn't even ask any questions.

But, this morning, I discovered the viewing brass ring... a special morning minor league eclipse baseball game. The Volcanos (a Class A farm team for the San Francisco Giants) in Kaiser, OR are doing it up completely right. And I am so sorry to be missing it. I could have gone to Portland and gone to the fabric shop I've been wanting to visit forever. There's another shop there, too, that I want to take in and an art gallery that I love to visit. And then I could have wandered down to Kaiser and seen morning eclipse baseball.

The reality is that likely I would have had to have nailed plans for this long before even Frank mentioned it and the roads would be crowded and I hate driving and 56 other reasons why not going was fine but still... minor league eclipse baseball?! wow.

My ear was so much better this morning. Not even tender at all. I dried it out carefully after my swim and used the drops. I think maybe i have dodged a bullet here.

My arm, however, is exhausted after all that stress knitting of yesterday. I used an ice pack on it last night but, I'm afraid, when I pick up the needles today, it will scream at me.

I think I'm going to make nightgown today. I have an idea in mind and a knit sheet to use. I don't normally wear nightgowns but nothing says I can't start. I don't plan on making a pattern, just kind of free-handing the cut out and seat-of-the-pants-ing the sew up. Worst case, I ruin a not even very perfectly fine used sheet that I paid $1.50 for.