August 12th, 2017

Killing time

I hate the very expression of killing time. I do spend a lot of time at meaningless things - silly computer games and random web surfing mainly but to me, those are mental breaks in a day of doing other things. We only have so much time and to kill any of it seems so wasteful. And, yet, here I am with an hour to kill. I could get up and do something productive but I'm pretty sure I won't. It's 6:40 and the pool doesn't open until 8 so I'm just killing time here. arugh.

Today is my baby brother's 64th birthday. I love so much that he is part of my life.

It is cool outside but hot in here. My air conditioner makes it not horrible but I'm really looking forward to being able to turn it off and then, hopefully soon, be able to roll it into its closet for the winter.

After my swim today, I'm going shopping. There's quirky little Lutheran church not far from the pool that, twice a year, has wonderful sales. Today is their rummage sale. Last year I made a huge score when an elderly member of their church, after his wife died, brought in her huge yarn and fabric stash. She had a great eye for color and I am still enjoying her stuff. I may well walk out with nothing today but I'm looking forward to the hunt.

Then, in early December, they have a great Christmas bazaar. Last year I was hungry so ended up with a whole lotta Christmas food treats - none of which disappointed in the least. In fact, for a while, I seriously considered contacting them for the name of whoever made one snack that was so good, I wanted to commission a truck full.

After my shopping spree, I really have no other plans for today. If the cool stays, I think I'm going to try to get back on my walking even just a little bit every day. Not keeping lunch stuff on hand helps. Strolling out to pick up lunch is a nice way to sneak in a little walk. So I think that's going to be the scheme I try out. Today might be a good day to try out that new burger place maybe.

Ok, now between writing this and surfing between thoughts, I've now managed to put 45 minutes to their death. I think I'll get up and get into my (new!) swimsuit and do on my way out - do bed making, box flattening and recycling and making sure I have enough cash in my wallet for rummage!

My tweets

Excellent score, very nice day

My brother's baby chicks are so grown up that they got to play outside the coop today and, now, go nicely up to their house at night on their own with little prompting. They just crack me up.

I had a great time at the rummage sale. Turns out it was a garage sale (I'm not sure I know the difference) and it's not a Lutheran church but a Methodist one (I do know that diff). Their prices were way too low and there was a woman who got to the fabric/yarn table just seconds before I did and snapped up a giant bag of thread that I wanted but otherwise, great plundering (and probably the thread was old and would muck up my machine). I got lots of nice fleece and tons of woven cotton scraps and some nice trim and other odds and ends but the big score was precut Care Bears.

They originally came like this:

And because they were licensed, they were pretty pricey - all licensed printed fabric is. Today I got a bag of 19 of them - already cut out! for $.35. All their prices were way too low. I had 2.5 bags o' stuff and they were going to charge me $3.75. I gave them a $20 and told them to keep the change and save me some good stuff at the Christmas sale. Then they told me there's a second, secret Christmas sale after church one Sunday in December. They didn't know the date but told me where I could find it. So well worth the donation. Plus, the ladies at the table were so thrilled. That, alone, was worth it.

Anyway, Care Bears... I whipped up the first one. I think I can make improvements in the rest. It's almost like cheating but they really are darned cute and the Baby Bank will love them. They will be nice little palette cleansers to sew up.


I did not go for a walk. I almost did but the sun got me. It was actually cool enough with the breeze but the glare turned me around. So I made a cake instead. I had a Perfect Size lemon cake that i think I got at Grocery Outlet a while back. I found it when I reorganized the kitchen. So I baked it up. It's cooling now and then I'll frost it. It's small so I am NOT sharing with Mary and Paul. They can just trust me that it's a good bake.