July 10th, 2017


My game plan when I went to sleep last night was to sleep in a little and go to the pool about an hour later than usual so that I could hit the tire place after my swim (and it would be open). But, I woke up at the usual time so the tire place wasn't open yet when I was done. Oh well.

I'll do the tire thing tomorrow.

I just bought my ticket for the movie this morning. $12.85 after processing fee. Reserved seat (which is kind of silly for a Monday morning movie) and, of course, none of the seats were taken. At that price, I'm not surprised. It will likely be my last movie theater movie so I'm going out with a bang.

Tonight is the monthly home owners meeting. It should be an interesting one - building security (everyone has their panties in a knot about break-ins but no one wants to pay a penny to prevent them) and it's the new manager's first meeting.

I've got 3 hours before time to leave for the movie. I think I'll go sew something.

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Plot Twist

Just this morning I read, on Instagram, an adage that I'm sure has been around forever and just escaped my noticed before.

"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell PLOT TWIST and move on."

I was started by it this morning and then was able to put it into play this afternoon. The guy who's car I rented and scraped, now says I cracked his fender. So now, instead of looking at possibly a couple hundred dollars, it's likely going to be a thousand or more. Phuck. But, truly, it's a plot twist. 1. There is nothing I can do about it. Yes, I could fight it but he said, she said. 2. I have the money. So not only plot twist but lesson learned. 3. Next time I'll rent from a real car rental company. It's a PIA but probably better and cheaper in the long run.

I did go to the movie today. The Big Sick. The movie theater has been redone and the aisles are wide with no goo on the floor. The chairs are recliner - not that terribly comfortable but ok. The movie was excellent. But I don't need to do theaters any more. Streaming is fine.

The conveyor belt sushi place is across the street so I slipped into there. It was adequate. I did stop on the way home and get a poke bowl at Uwajimaya for dinner.

Here are the latest two dolls.

Last week, when we were in a big mall, we ran across a kiosk selling the strangest things we'd never seen before. They are balls, the size of a Clementine, that are squishy. You throw them onto a hard surface and they splat flat and then regenerate themselves. We were mesmerized and ended up buying a bunch. When we got home, the internets told me they were called splat balls.

You Tube had splat ball videos but none were newer than a year old. We had missed a whole thing. Why couldn't we have missed fidget spinners??? I did find a gif of the splat pig (which is one of the ones I actually got)... they do feel very ewwwwww and are very entertaining.