June 17th, 2017

This cold is kicking my large ass

At least I can sleep. Easily. And swim. Without much concession. But everything else is taking a back seat to snot.

I slept really good last night and got up this morning, cleared out my head and lungs and went to the pool. I swam good. Then I went to check out a new place for brunch.

I didn't realize until I got there, it's in the same place where a lovely brunch place closed a couple of months ago. They have completely redone the decor and it is lovely! The menu is a little pretentious but the eggs were poached perfectly and that's a rarity. I will go back.

I was also smart enough to remember that Papa Murphy's was open before I headed home so I stopped and got a $5 pepperoni fav. The best deal in town.

By the time I got home I was done and I slept for two hours. Then I got up and had a lunch of Diet Dr. Pepper and Cheetos.

I had stuff I was going to do today. Sewing stuff. Other stuff. But I can tell that it ain't going to happen. I think I'll just watch the Mariners lose. And knit some and not worry about it. I think it takes about 10 days to get rid of a cold. I think I'm going to need the full boat. Ugh.