February 15th, 2017


The pool was packed today. Wednesdays are generally busy days at the gym but 8 swimmers at 5:45 am is a little wild. Two of them waited on deck for a spot.

Today is real estate tax day. The county sends out the tax bills and makes the info available online. Last year my bill was $4K for the year. My values changed a little (we get that info at the end of the year) but I expected the total amount to increase. I was wrong! My bill is $3.800! Excellent. That's a lovely surprise.

Yesterday I sent my doctor a note asking for a refill of my Spiriva prescription. I changed my insurance to Humana at the beginning of the year. I had set up my online account in January but hadn't really looked into the pharmacy side of it until yesterday. Welcome to this decade! Finally, an insurance company who's act is together!

Last year's insurance company had zero online anything. The insurance company before that had some reports but zero drug info. Humana has it all in spades. I easily transferred my 3 other prescriptions. I discovered I have a $50 a quarter allowance for over the counter stuff (a limited selection but still a lot of good stuff). I can't see prices yet but it looks like the cost to me will be lower.

Mainly, however, their website shows me that they have my requests and things are in process. One has shipped and they give me the tracking number. Nice, very very nice.

I've decided to move my cell service from T-Mobile to Google Fi. I don't expect to save money but I do hope to get more flexibility. My main worry was switching back if it does not work like I hope. My Google Voice number is my old land line number that I've had for 25 years. Losing it would not be catastrophic but would be a major Pain in the Ass. Apparently, now, if you leave Fi, one option is to return to regular old Google Voice. That, and I keep hearing rumors that my sweet little $30 a month T-Mobile plan is going away soon, has me moving on for now.

Now I need to hang up my wet suit and put the clean dishes away in the kitchen - house cleaner prep.

Oh here's last night's bear...


My house cleaner was late... again... with yet another excuse. I was pissed but it really doesn't matter so rather than share my pissed with her, I left for ljtourist's as soon as she got here. By the time I got home, I was far more delighted by having a spanking clean house than I had been pissed. Worked out perfectly.

ljtourist and I found a great new (to us) simple food spot today. (Ballard Smoke Shop) and then polished off a nice meal in one of Seattle's funnest cupcake/donut spots (Cupcake Royale/Rodeo Donuts). But mainly it was just very enjoyable conversation.

I got some doll faces made this morning but no dolls. Not even one single doll made today. I'm a slacker.

But my drug game is excellent. The Humana Pharmacy website today told me today that my drugs were going to cost me $330. ???? At the expensive pharmacy, the same order is generally about $200. WTF? So I called. I hate to call but for $130, I'll do it any way. Turns out... I forgot about the $200 deductible. But, I learned that the $80 I have had to pay out in co-pay for the other 3 drugs is now $0 with Humana... and the Spiriva, after deductible, will be $130. So net net a better deal - nice.

They are replacing the roof surface on this condo building this spring. I learned today that it will be noisy and loud as they toss the old clay shingles down the trash shoot. The trash shoot is going down the building in between the unit next to mine and mine. Translation, I'm going to be one of the lucky few who get the most noise. They promise it will be constant for April, May and June.

I have already decided not to get my panties in a twist about it. Worst case, I'll roll in the air conditioner a month or two early and shut the door. At least I don't have to manage the work, worry if it's not going well, put up with the people doing the work or make any decisions. Could be so much worse.