January 21st, 2017


Someone left the gym unlocked again last night.  That gym really needs to get some management. But, I love it. I was in the pool and had been swimming for about 15 minutes when the lights came on. It's fun to sneak in.

Then I dropped by Safeway to finally run my coins through the Coinstar machine. $25+! Nice. Also picked up cat food. Zoey says Nice.

And now I'm in for the day. Well, there will be a walk but just me around the block. With no pink hat. It's too warm out.

Otherwise, sewing and knitting and the usual stuff.


A while back I signed up for Universal Yum - a box of candy/snacks for a different country of the world each month. Their plan does not send you a box immediately. They just add you to the next round. So I paid for a box but had no box week after week and finally decided that $14 a month was too much to buy mystery food I might not like and/or worse, fall in love with and could never find here.

So I canceled. Easy to do. They explained that my box I paid for would still be shipped but no more after that.

And then today, I got the box. I now have reinstated my subscription.

This box was from Ukraine. And it's amazing. They include a cute little booklet all about the Ukraine and a detail on what is in each snack and some about how it came to be included. It is the cleverest thing in the world and I'm delighted.

This is linked to a bigger image for better viewing of the brochure detail.

Sew... sew...

Lovely hours in the sewing room listening to podcasts. The house cleaner got it all cleaned and vacuumed on Wednesday and as that room is also the guest room, I'm trying to keep it that way until Tuesday. I've already tucked sewing stuff away - stuff I won't need until after my brother leaves. Now the effort is sewing in there without making a mess.

I got two dolls done and substantial progress on my patchwork top. I feeling good about how it's going to turn out. I figured out a cool way to finish off the seams so that it really will be reversible.

I like how the quilting is looking on the other side, too.

I was going to skip my walk because I am a lazy ass. But I decided that was silly so here I go... at least around one block or two. And then I will feel far less guilty about spending the rest of my day sitting on that very same lazy ass.