January 8th, 2017

Sunday Sunday

We got ZERO snow yesterday. We have more predicted today and tomorrow. I predict, we will get exactly the same amount we got yesterday. Poop. On the up side, I can get to the pool which was too warm today. WTF? It was way way too warm when I got in but one of those 'way's was probably from standing the previous 10 minutes outside in the cold. I still enjoyed my swim a lot so no biggie.

I did one load of wash while I swam. I have another to wash and both to dry so that's my big chore today. I don't wear a lot of clothes, I don't wear any underwear and non of my clothes are precious so they all get washed together. Laundry is not a huge ordeal. Wash, dry, fold and stack on closet shelves. When the dirty clothes hamper is full, it's two loads worth. I'm very low maintenance.

I think I'll stick my bedsheet in the second load (I also don't use a top sheet - just one fitted sheet with a comforter or blanket depending on the season).

There will be doll sewing and knitting - the usual.

I'm really losing my patience with the news media. I get a fairly large dose of their whining on Twitter but, I realized this morning, the other place I hear so much crap from them is NPR. Yes, I think Donald Trump is a ridiculous idiot but I think the reporters and editors are being about as ridiculous and unreasonable as he is. This morning there was a piece about how the broadcasting network executives were not going to meet with the press this week as they have in the past. The media interviewed sounded so stupid on the subject, I was on the network executives side by the end of the piece. I'm afraid that news media is going to make me have to defend Trump. Everybody off my fucking lawn... NOW!

Zoey seems to think she deserves seconds on breakfast.

Still no snow

But, at least we have rain so their snow forecast this time was only off by degrees instead of off by, well, everything.

Laundry is done and all put away. The bedding is all new and fresh. I played around with ways to really save my live journal. I have XML's by years and I think between that and LJ Archive, I'm going to quit fucking with it. Besides, it does not really matter. No one is ever going to go back and read it all and LJ Archive is all I need for searching.

And I sewed. Now I'm going to watch CBS Sunday morning.