December 22nd, 2016

Back in the saddle...

Can we have a hallelujah for holiday no-traffic!! I left for Ballard this morning at 6. I got there, swam for an hour, stopped at the grocery store and was home by 8:15. Very excellent. I've got no reason to believe that tomorrow won't be as good. So whew and yeah.

And now my hair does not feel like a brillo pad and I don't smell like chlorine. I need to run the suits I wore in the city pools through the washer. One of the older ones got really faded after one swim. I forgot how bad chlorine is on suits (and skin!).

I did not sleep at all well last night. No clue why. And, it's no biggie. I if I get sleepy today, I'll take a nap and otherwise, I'm ensured a great night's sleep tonight but it die get me thinking... There was a time when I would often get really sleepy during the day. I hate taking naps but sometimes I really had no choice.

But, this hasn't happened in a long time and I was wondering why and then I figured it out... The dolls. Before I found that table and got my sewing machine out of the closet, I wasn't filling my days too well. Then I found the dolls - nearly exactly a year ago and I haven't really felt sleepy in the daytime since. There is so much I love about making these dolls. Finding them has scratched itches I didn't know I had.

My other itch is technology so today will be part sewing and part futzing with my new computer.

Gym news

Last night I turned on the 10 pm news to catch the headlines and caught a nice long story about the car stolen from the gym parking garage. Turns out the owner is a woman who's keys and purse were stolen from her locked locker in the locker room. Sound familiar? Yep.

So think about how lucky I was! All I lost was my phone and some cash and some credit cards. This woman is out all that stuff PLUS a BMW and has to have her house completely re-keyed. Holy turds.

I called the gym just now in hopes that calling during the day might net better info and I was right. I got Zach (who is in sales but fills in at the front desk at lunch sometimes. Zack has worked there since it opened and may be the only original staff left.). Zach put me on hold and went to get the latest into. He says he was told the parts were in, the pool should be fixed today and tomorrow and be in full service by Monday.

This really could be fixed. Maybe in my lifetime!

All my suits have now been washed and are drip drying over the tub. I'm ready.

Wanna watch me sew?

I've had webcams in my living room for nearly 20 years. Always on - always streaming. I initially put them in so my Mom, who lived alone in Charleston, SC, could see me. She loved it so much. I'd get an email "be sure to comb your hair before you go anywhere" or "are you sure about that blouse with those pants????" or "whatcha watchin?" (I finally put one up that was pointed to the TV cause this last one happened a lot.)

It was great fun. When she died, my brother took up the mantel. He has a monitor in his shop that always has my webcam on the screen and below it is a sign that says "Say hi to my sister in Seattle!". He has his own Dropcam (with sound) so I can actually hear them when they say hi.

Vestigially, I had a Dropcam on top of my TV and then another IP cam off to my right. Really no need for two so I moved the IP cam back to the sewing room just now. There turns out to be really no great place to mount it. The current spot is a trial. We'll see how it goes.

All webcams are linked from

If you want to see my living room: or

If you want to watch me sew: or

You should not need a password for either view. And now I'll be sending that el-cheapo one right back to Amazon as soon as it gets here :)

(And to the random person who does not know me and finds this page, please refrain from telling me how insecure and unsafe having these webcams are. I totally understand and appreciate your concern and would appreciate it even more if you keep your thoughts and concerns to yourself.)

Full day

I got three dolls finished and my new PC more set up and tweaked. It is so freakin fast. It reboots nearly as fast as my chromebook. Just amazing. I put new songs on my swimming iPod Shuffle and got it all charged up. I did two loads of laundry.

And moved the webcam. Now I need to reconsider The Wall of Cable.

All that purple cable is for connected ethernet to the web cam that isn't there any more. I don't mind the look of it but it seems kind of silly to have it now. I need to find the paint for that wall because I'm sure those command stickers that are holding the hooks will rip some paint chunks off. Or I might just leave it.

While I was taking the pictures I was singing 'one of these is not like the others!'. I have cut out two sets of 'sister' dolls and this is the first one. There was only 1 doll left of the fabric so why put it back in the drawer. I just finished it off with a sister!