December 9th, 2016


A Seattle online newspaper posted this pic on Twitter just now. It's one of the neighborhoods not far from here. We don't have this much snow here. We're right at sea level so the lowest point around. From my terrace I can see snow on the stadium parking lot and some on the sidewalks. The street looks wet.


I'm sure that if I was very careful, I could get to the pool and back this morning but I'm not going to try. Probably it would be even more safe to go later but I probably won't.

I'm taking a SNOW DAY! Why not?

The snow started here last night about 8:30 and it was beautiful. The stadium parking lot stays lit always and it's beautiful to see the snow in the lights. I woke up to pee a little after midnight and it had stopped except for a couple flakes. But it had stuck to all the limbs of The Tree That I Hate and it was so pretty.

I love love love snow. I lived in Rochester, MN for 18 months (2 winters) when snow covered the ground from November til June both winters and I never got tired of it.

And now that I can declare my own snow day or not as I see fit, it's even more wonderful.

Now I'm declaring coffee.

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According to an 'expert' over on the Google community, the steps I took with the Android Device Manager - locking the screen - will prevent anyone without the password from ever using the phone. With the Android Device Manager, you can wipe your phone clean remotely, and ring your phone (which I have used many times to find one in this house!). But, you can also lock it down. You set a completely new and different password and you can also add a message and phone number so that when someone turns the phone on to try and get in it, they will see: THIS PHONE WAS STOLEN FROM SUSAN DENNIS, PLEASE CALL HER IF FOUND and my phone number.

It is satisfying to know that the perp does not get to use or sell my phone. Actually, they could sell it but the buyer would be totally SOL.

However, the more I use my 'old' phone - the Nexus 6P - the happier I am with it. I hate how big it is, but I love how easy to read it is.

And, the latest credit card wrinkle is that Capital One has given me credit for the one $322 fraudulent charge, twice. I keep assuming they are going to go get it back but they haven't yet. I guess I'll have to call them again... sigh.

Oh just saw about a bus jack knife a block from the gym and a report of ice on the block in front of the gym. To be honest, if I had not broken the tracker daily goal streak earlier this week, I would have tried to go to the pool. It would have been a very silly thing to do. I'm grateful that I am ridiculously controlled by even stupid things.

I went out at lunch to get eggs (which I remembered) and forgot to get potatoes but then stopped at McDonald's for lunch. There was a lot more snow on the sidewalks than I anticipated. And a gazillion people in Grocery Outlet.

The management company of the apartment building across the street just posted this photo - a variation of the view out my living room window right now - 2:15 pm

Screenshot 2016-12-09 at 2.14.08 PM

Getting two extra hours in a day (cause I didn't go swimming) really feels like a fun little gift!