December 5th, 2016

Some days are better than others...

I almost didn't go to the pool this morning. It is snowing in some places. There was one report of the bridge being slippery. But, it was dry as a bone here and I really wanted to go so I did. I got there at 7:40 and got into the pool as usual.

By 8:30 - while I was still swimming - BECU left me a voicemail that someone was trying to use my credit card at Target.

My purse and phone and lock were all taken from my locker in the locker room. By and gym member! They don't let non members into the locker room.

So for the past 3 hours I have been reconstructing my life.

Here's the good news:

- my house and car keys didn't get stolen. (in retrospect this is actually the best news of the day, really)
- the only thing that was not replaceable was a $60 gift certificate to a fancy restaurant
- Capital One gets the nod for THE easiest and most responsive of all the places I've had to call today. I got a person rather quickly and told him I need to report, replace and do it in a hurry cause I had other people to call. He stepped up fast and waived the $16 fee to get escalated replacement.
- my Capital One debit card was safely here at home. I got a wild hair one time that I should keep it separate from my BECU debit card just in case. Sometimes I am smart. So at least I can charge stuff and get cash without having to wait for new cards.
- I had recently changed purses and paired down to the minimum so I have a very fresh idea of what was in there.
- My new insurance card was also safely here at home.
- I wiped my phone clean remotely.
- Nothing was on the phone that hadn't been saved offline.
- I didn't sell my 6P yet. Or even wipe it. I had a sim on hand and a relatively quick phone call to T-mobile moved all my stuff (including number and prepay) to the new sim.

It's all just $$ really. And I have that, fortunately. I can replace it all. Replacing the phone will be the most painful and I'm not sure whether or not I will. Probably but I want to think about it a while first. My homeowners insurance covers it but it's a $5,000 deductible...

What a pain in the neck. I think I have everything in progress now. Discover makes me call them tomorrow again. (bogus) And my transit card has to be done in person to get the sweet old people fairs. But, the office you have to go to is just a couple of blocks away. I'll go later today.

Meanwhile it's now 1 pm and I haven't eaten anything yet today or done anything I had planned to. I think I'll grab some lunch and then walk up to the transit office. I need to stretch my legs anyway.

Caught up

I think I've now - 4:30 pm - finally finished with The Theft aftermath. Someone suggested that I might feel violated and I really don't. I feel somewhere between pissed off and really annoyed. It's a very expensive lesson to have learned. But I'm now smarter. It cost me a lot of money but, it's not like she stole my rent or meal money. She sucks but karma.

I have a new senior bus card. I have a temporary driver's license with the non-temporary one coming in the mail. New Medicare card ordered, temp in purse. New Car2Go and ReachNow cards requested. I have a debit card that I can use as a credit card until my replacements arrive.

(EDIT an hour later: I just got a FedEx notice that my Capital One card will be delivered tomorrow by 10:30 am! Capital One really shines at customer service. At least that's been my experience.)

Discover called me this afternoon - with an ID phone so I knew to pick up. A really really nice guy. He verified some info and told me he'd send me a replacement pronto (and wave the pronto fee) and I don't have to - as previously instructed - call them tomorrow)

I put the temp stuff and some cash into another small purse. I had it with me when I went to get the new bus card. It felt like when I was a little girl and had a little girl purse with nothing to put in it.

I've done nothing but this all day. This and fit up my phone. I'm leaning towards not getting a replacement. This phone is WAY too big and the battery isn't nearly as good as the new one's. But, otherwise, it's a good phone. Really good.

The worst fallout is that I do not want to go back to that gym. I called this morning and talked to the manager. I explained what happened. He was able to see that I clocked in at 7:40 and I have a time stamped voicemail (8:33) from the credit union that my credit card was being used fraudulently at Target (a good 15 minutes or more away). He knows who was there between 7:40 and 8:15. He offered up nothing but a fairly insincere "I'm sorry" and "We hate when this happens" Wow. Really?? He did ask me to please let him know if I find out who did it. At this point, I'm almost more pissed at his attitude than at the bitch who did the stealing.

I will go back. I might even go back tomorrow. But right now i'm telling myself that I don't have to if I don't want to.

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:40: @westseattleblog My purse, phone & lock were stolen fm WS @LAFitness locker room this am. 1st cc use 30 mins after I locked them up. @Target
  • Mon, 13:17: Of all the places i had to call today after my wallet was stolen, @AskCapitalOne was the most efficient and easiest by a long shot. kudos
  • Mon, 15:34: I want THEFT insurance for an android phone with a deductible of $250 or less. Anyone know of anything?

Final thots and then I'm moving on

Last week I ordered some memory for the Windows laptop. It came today. Instead of waiting for a day/time when I wasn't stressed to the gills, I decided to install it. It was fine. The most difficult part of the maneuver was getting the thing out of the docking station! You have to move one lever to unlock and then hit the release button (which looks like a power button) and I move it so rarely I always forget how to get it out. But new memory in and no issues.

Then I remembered I had left over pizza in the fridge. Dinner was solved. And I have a piece of cake in the freezer for later.

I posted an entry on Seattle Reddit and a review on Yelp, warning people to watch their stuff. I kind of hate to spread bad juju like that but, had I read that warning, I might have taken precautions enough to have avoided my own heist.

I think I'm going to skip the gym and pool tomorrow. My friend, Barrie, thinks she might be back to swimming as early as the end of the week. It will be nice to have her back and her being back will ensure I go back so skipping a day will not be critical and maybe by Wednesday, I'll be chomping at the bit to kick off the side of the pool again.