November 1st, 2016


I clicked over to the LJ New Style (which is what like 4 years old now) to see this heart thing in action and decided, since there does not seem to be any way to see who hearts you, that I don't care and now I can't get back to my old LJ style. I know, I know, I know... I should embrace the new but I don't wanna. You used to be able to click on the little cloud icon which is now nowhere to be found.

EDIT: 1. slinkslowdown showed me how to flip to old style any time I want (Under your LJ name pick settings and then pick the display tab and scroll to the bottom - there's a checkbox!!) AND 2. badrobot68 then figured out you can hover over the heart and see who hearted you. So now I love the new feature that requires the new style but I also know how to go back if I want. NICE...!

This morning I was swimming along by myself when regular joined me in the next lane. She started about 25 minutes after I did. I know she swims 20 minutes (she works out first) so I knew when she got out, I'd have 15 minutes left and I just dissolved into the water and my head. I planned errands and then cancelled them, I planned dinner and changed my mind, I listened to the music and remembered what it reminded me of - road trips with my family when we were little in the station wagon singing out heads off.

After a while my arms started to tire and more people started swimming and my buddy didn't leave. And I looked at the clock and I had been swimming for an hour and 5 minutes! I did a couple more laps and then left and she was still going. She and I will need to have a little chat about changing routines without notice.

My little Misfit buddy from the east coast will get a surprise when he checks his app at lunch.

I did decide that no errands need to be done today except getting gas which I did on the way home from the pool so... done! I am about 3 days away from a wet cat food emergency, however. She has plenty of dry, so not a real emergency but try telling her that.

I may dip out to Grocery Outlet. I saw they had some of her favorite Meow Mix cups when I was in there the other day.

Regardless, there will be sewing for sure.

Standing with scissors

I cut out a lot of doll pieces today and a chunk of my finger. This is the second time recently that I have cut a finger. WTF? I have used scissors for more than 60 years now, so I have some experience. And, it's rather a basic skill. So why am I all of a sudden Freeda Fail?

Ok so chuck of finger is a bit of exaggeration but it still requires a bandaid so that I don't get blood on the dolls. It's really rather pathetic how many of those I have on hand. I think maybe my shopping psyche thinks I actually am Freeda Fail.

I got a catalog from The Company Store today and tossed it right into the recycle bin without even a peak. I'm proud. I have several severe weak spots:

Office Supplies
Brightly patterned comforters

I've been pretty good lately. I don't use nearly the office supplies I used to. I use the computer. I've also kind of wrestled the bag problem to the ground. I have a great every day bag, a good backpack. My best shopping bag is getting a little ratty but I'm ok with replacing that if needed.

But brightly patterned comforters... my downfall. Not duvet covers. I really don't like those. Comforters. Bright. And soft. This is my ideal comforter. It's no longer available anywhere. But there's almost no limit to what I would pay for one...

I have two bright, fluffy, soft comforters in rotation now and both are fine and in perfect shape and do not need replacing. So I try hard not to look at anything like that stupid catalog. (Besides, The Company Store hasn't had any really good ones in a while.)

The only time I left my apartment was that one mail run. I'm not likely to leave again today. The only conversation I've had with actual people was the quicky passing greetings at the gym. I listened to a podcast today about the sad, lonely lives of single elderly people. The examples they gave were of people way more active socially than I am - but still described them as pathetic, sad, lonely and in need of rescue. And... yet... I feel exactly the opposite of sad and lonely and on most days the opposite of elderly. And the first person who tries to rescue me will probably be sorry!