October 8th, 2016

Nothing new

I swam. I conjured up a better vest design while I swam. I came home, ate breakfast and now I'm here talking about it. Same old same old but it's my own same old and I like it!

The pool was really crowded. I think two guys who came to swim, waited around, got into the spa for a bit and finally just left. Another couple shared one half lane.  I get there before they open and have to wait and it's totally worth it to ensure I get my little piece of the pool real estate.

I thought about going to Walmart after but it's not close and I remembered there are traffic issues this weekend and I figured one day next week will work way better.

I did pop into Trader Joe's only to learn they no longer carry those wonderful iced cinnamon rolls. Probably just as well. They were too good.

I was wrong about the parking lot party yesterday. Well, not wrong. There was a little one last night but today they have commandeered the entire lot with stages and tents and taken over the street as well. It costs $30 to get in. It's a brewery's pumpkin fest. It's from 3-10. It's supposed to rain massive bucket loads tonight. The organizers cannot be thrilled at that turn of events.

I have lots of TV to watch and even more sewing to do. Time to get to it.

My body craves grease

I have no desire to eat healthy. Unless healthy is deep fried with an aioli dip.

I spent decades on a diet to lose weight. I didn't even care about healthy then. When I hit 50, my birthday present to myself was to never edit what I eat again. I eat what tastes good. Period. The End. If it cuts my life short, then I will have the tastiest short life possible.

But, as the world around me refuses to follow my lead, it is harder and harder to find tasty things. Flavors have been changed as everyone scrambles to board the healthy train. White bread - yes, white bread - now has something in it that ruins the flavor. Kraft macaroni and cheese has been ruined by 'natural'. Baloney and hot dogs both have lost the taste they used to have. And potato chips. Don't even get me stared.

Mexican restaurant tortilla chips have always been my downfall. I've never been to any Mexican restaurant that didn't have amazing I-can't-stop-eating-them-yes,-please-we'd-like-another-basket chips. The tortilla chips they have in grocery stores taste like cardboard to me. But, I'm always testing and trying them to see if I can find the restaurant equivalent.

I did. At Cash & Carry this week. I picked up a bag on a lark and I am mainlining these suckers. I snapped a picture and put it in my grocery list so I could remember next time. (And, can I say how much it cracks me up that all of a sudden all corn tortilla chips are now newly GLUTEN FREE!!! Like lots of foods... they always have been!) I think they are so tasty because you can still taste the grease from frying. And omg so delicious. So delicious.

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 1.43.06 PM

My sewing today was early Project Runway episode worthy. You know when the designers are new and they haven't weeded out the losers who can't sew and keep fucking up? That was me. This vest could not be more simple. I mean there is nothing to it. I cut one panel with the elephants upside down. I sewed the pockets on the wrong side. I sewed them on the right side and then noticed that one of the fucking elephants was upside down. I mean seriously, I could not have invented more ways to fuck this up. I did the max. BUT... I love it. It's exactly what I wanted. Loose, short, pockets, simple.

It took me about 3 times longer than it should have so no doll making happened. I may go back to the sewing room once the party starts outside but I think, right now, I'm going watch some TV.