September 12th, 2016

And school is back in session

Today was the first day in a really really long time - like maybe since last May - that the traffic has been really backed up coming home from the pool. I'd forgotten how bad it can get. If it turns out that this is the daily routine now that school is back in session, I may think about changing my swim times.

I get there now about 6:30 and so hit the road home about 8ish. It might be worth considering just bumping everything an hour and getting there at 7:30. I like to get up and go so that would mean sleeping an hour later and there might be the rub. Can I stay up an hour later? hmmmm

And does any of it really matter? Nope. There are too many variables and not enough constants. It's not easy to be retired. But it is fun.

I did swim longer than usual this morning so I have already hit my fitness tracker's goal for today. Now I feel like the rest of the day is a vacation day!

I got a note from my friends in New Zealand. They have bought their plane tickets and will be here July 4. Scott reports that he saved $800 and Julie plans to spread that around the retail establishments in Seattle. We do have way more variety of stuff in our stores. She just loses her little shopping mind in the very best way. It's great fun to watch her spend her way through town. I'm looking forward to their visit.

My mortgage money is still in my checking account and the mortgage site reports that my balance is $0. It's an odd limbo.

I need gas, a car wash, more avocados and grated cheese. I might go out later and make all that happen. But, none of it is critical so maybe I won't. There's a brand new drug/sundries/beer/otherstuff store opening up a few blocks from here. It's part of a local chain - Bartells. This is a very exiting addition to the neighborhood. AND they do Android pay. Their website says they aren't open yet but I drove by this morning and they looked open. That will be a nice little walk one day this week.

But, probably not today - why waste fitness points???

Off to the sewing room. I'm ok with wasting those 25 steps.

More of Monday

More thoughts about my daily routine and the timing. For years now and up through the beginning of baseball season this year, I also watched TV news, usually while doing other things, for 2-3 hours every day. I cut that out completely and so now every day has that many more hours in it. During baseball season, nearly every day includes 3-4 hours of baseball watching, usually while doing something else at the same time.

Soon there will be no more baseball and still no TV news so I'll have many more hours per day for doing stuff. That's going to be interesting. Half of me says I should really give it a lot of thought and come up with a solid plan. And the other half of me says 'Why the hell would you want to do that?'.

It does make sleeping an hour later in the morning not so much of a sacrifice. Maybe I'll give it a go tomorrow.

I like my rut. I like my every day I do xxx. I like at least some structure. But I'm cool with changes when it makes sense.

I used to love to rearrange the furniture in my room when I was little. I did it all the time. I'm feeling the urge to rearrange my living room but I can't come up with a good plan. Also I'm not sure I have the muscle any more. I'd like to turn the mattress on my bed but I know I don't have the muscle for that. Maybe I should hire some muscle by the hour.

My TV is really asking to be replaced. I'm still not convinced. But I have one picked out in case it decides that the compelling argument is just to keel over.

I have mongolian beef for dinner. The baseball game is at 7. I think maybe I'll watch a movie and finish this bear.