August 19th, 2016

Tired arms

I woke up early this morning and so got to the pool early and just decided to swim until I couldn't swim any more. Turns out that comes to an hour and 30 minutes of swimming. I could have done more but I hit the fun wall. Any more would have been work and not fun. According to Misfit, I only did 1.6 miles. I'm a tortoise swimmer. I think, however, it is better for me to swim longer than faster. And I have no plans for competitive swimming. So all's cool. I also blasted the fuck out of my fitness goal for today. And it's not yet 9 am!

It's Africa hot - at least Seattle-wise-speaking. And I just made the mistake of looking at the 10 day forecast. Monday and Tuesday look like they could be tolerable and the rest is stay-inside-with-the-shades-drawn-and-the-a/c-cranked. It is summer. And, hopefully, it is in its last throws. And at least it is now at all, not even in the least, humid. thankyoujesus.

Nothing outstanding on the docket. My everything seems to be on a fairly even keel right now which actually suits me quite nicely. I'm a very lucky girl.

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Remembering that time always makes me so sad for what we lost

bitterlawngnome wrote a beautiful entry today about a special flower, about caring and about a time that was so painful for so many, including the wonderful caregivers.

The AIDS crisis was (and while I'm talking about what happened in the United States in the beginning and for 20 years after, I still feel bad using the past tense - AIDS will be a crisis until there is a cure)... horrible for those who's lives where cut short and who's families suffered their loss.

BUT, those who cared for the sick and dying deserve their own pedestal. They suffered a backlash that could not have been more cruel. And this while they were doing the best, most important work of the time.

I cherish those, like Bill, who are kind enough to share their memories so that we all may learn from them. Please go read it.


I am not a hardwood floors person. I don't like the noise. I like my dust hidden in the carpet. I like soft on my feets and warm.  There was wall to wall high pile taupe carpet installed by the builder when I moved in here as the first occupant. It took 12 years to get disgusting. But it was a battle to make it last that long.

So when I went shopping for new, I looked for longevity. I bought a mottled colored, short pile darkish colored carpet that was half water resisting chemicals and half fiber. I mean when it was new, you could spill anything on this puppy and it would bounce right off. That was 11 years ago. Today I spilled a thermos full of ice water on it - admittedly on a low traffic section - but that water just beaded up like your favorite science project and waited patiently for me to get a towel.  Godblessyou, carpet, you are the best even still today.

Good day in the sewing room:

Baseball tonight.