July 19th, 2016

Light and bright

My swim was good. I meant to get out a little early and ended up swimming a little longer than usual. 1.3 miles according to Misfit. And then on to the eye doctor.

I don't really mind eye exams but they do seem tedious and mechanical. Sit here, look at that, look at this, follow my finger, drops and now do it all again. And this is with NO glasses or contacts needed or wanted. Whew.

When I finally did get to the doctor he said that my inability to tolerate sun and glare was because they removed my cataracts and now there's a bit of a film on one of the permanent lenses. There's a laser thing they can do that might fix the glare but not the 'too much light'. I have one eye for distance and one eye for closeup. The closeup eye is the one with the film so it will be easy to tell if it's a problem. Meanwhile sunglasses and call him if I want the laser thing. No change in anything else and all is excellent see you next year. I got no problem staying inside and/or wearing dark glasses if I have to go out in the sun. So I think I'll pass on the laser but nice to know 1. it's not my imagination and 2. it's an option.

OK! Down to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and then on to Goodwill. It was a good day. I got a shitload - I mean shitload of excellent doll fabrics. Some very big pieces (yard or more), about a dozen pillow cases and another dozen half yards. The average cost of fabric for doll stuff is about $9-10 a yard so today's haul was easily $150-200 worth. I paid $28.

What's even more impressive is what I didn't buy. There was this really nice solid wood CD tower. It had removable, repositionable shelves and would have been perfect for fabric storage/display. Six feet+ tall. $20.

BUT. 1. No place to put it in my house. If it had been painted, I probably would have squeezed it in someplace and yes, I could paint it but I really don't have any good place to paint and don't like to paint. and 2. It was way too big for the Smart Car. I seriously considered renting a Relay Ride (BMW plenty big enough) But then we're back to the painting/no room thing.

PLUS history clearly shows us that when I have room for more fabric, I instantly have more fabric than I have room for. Every.Single. Time. So, no, I'm going to be strong and not give in. This time.

Last night's game was a snoozer until the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs when we went from 0-3 to 4-3 in a walk off home run. It was pretty dramatic and fun. And then I went to sleep and dreamed that I lost my purse and everything in it AND that the ceiling fan in the bedroom fell out of the ceiling.

It was a busy night all the way around.

Now I need to fold all this amazing fabric and figure out how/where to put it for now and make a couple of dolls out of it!

Donut hole escape for 2016

Medicare insurance is designed so that you get drug coverage A until you have spent xxx and then you get no coverage until you have spent xxx+yyy. So after you've spent xxx and before you have spent xxx+yyy, you have no drug insurance - it's a donut hole of coverage. With coverage, my drugs cost me $50ish a month. With no drug coverage, my drugs cost me $850ish a month. My math tells me that the donut hole is not a good place for me to be.

And this year, I've managed to skip it. I now have, in house, enough of everything except one cheap one to last me until next January. Whew!! A little inhaler hoarding last year when I changed insurance companies, paid off. Next year, I'll probably get screwed but this year, I b kewel.

And if that weren't enough excellent news, I just got a $100 gift certificate to a fancy restaurant across the street. They are building some fancy assed condos and making a big, loud, noisy mess in the process. A few (maybe an 8th) of the units in this building are being annoyed by this. So to make it up to them, they gave us all - every unit - a $100 gift card to the two fancy assed restaurant in that building. Nice. Very nice. I'm not a fan of the big, formal restaurant but the bar is lovely and they serve nice bar sized portions of fancy stuff. So, yep, I will be going over there at least a couple of times for a nice cocktail and light dinner.

Not on a Mariner home game night, though. So not tonight. They are going out of town next week so maybe then.

The ball chair and I are getting along way better. I'm about a day away from throwing out the box which means no chance of returning it.