July 14th, 2016


Two things keep amazing me. 1. How quickly the inside of your mouth heals. Last night, I somehow got a divot in the inside skin of mouth - a hole with edges of loose skin. It was a little painful but more annoying. In hours it was nearly gone and it was all gone this morning. Amazing.. 2. How many thoughts you can have in a mere nano second.

I walked into my condo after my swim this morning and it was hot. I could hear the a/c going but it was not cool. Fuck. By the time I was half way down the hall, I'd decided that I'd first go to Home Depot for a replacement or maybe Costco. And then by the time I got to the unit, I'd decided probably one day Amazon delivery would be better. And I also had reviewed the week's forecast to see if maybe this was a good time to take a little trip (to an air conditioned hotel).

Less than 30 seconds from the time I opened the door and made all those decisions, I discovered that some stupid idiot had set the temperature for 77! I apologized to the air conditioner and promised I wasn't going to replace it and turned it down to 72. Already in the ensuing 20 minutes, the temp in the living room is at 75 and falling. Hopefully the sewing room (next to the front door) will be coolish soon.

My fitness tracking software (Misfit) is broken this morning and it's driving me nuts. It appears they are working on it (varying error messages) but the OCD in me keeps trying to log in. At least my swim is still on my watch so when they come back up, it should sync fine. But waiting is not my strong suit. I can't leave it alone. I have a streak going (continuous days of 17,000 steps every day) and I do not want it broken especially when I will have done the steps and it's just the accounting that's the problem.

Today will be a usual day. Sewing and trying to keep cool. Reading about Josephene Earp and watching more House of Cards. The sun is out so the shades are down. All is good.

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I was very careful with my sewing back today and it paid off. My new ball chair comes tomorrow. I think I can make it. I made two dolls and a swim suit. And it was nice and cool back there thankfully.

I toyed with the idea of going out to eat tonight but 1. it's hot out there and 2. I've got food here.

So it will be me and the House of Cards and the bear du jour.

The suit does not photograph well but I do love this fabric! So cheery. I'll give it a test swim tomorrow.

Today's dolls...

And last night's bear...