May 15th, 2016


I hit up Trader Joe's this morning after my swim. I forgot potatoes. Oh well.

Came home, had an ok breakfast and now I'm finishing my coffee.

Today I need to remove what's left of polish on my nails. It's looking gross. And clean the kitchen. And watch at least the first of the ballgame. I may watch most of it from the sewing room where I need to reopen the doll making factory.

I miss my rut. Yesterday was interesting and fun but I'm way too much a rut girl. I need routine in the worst way and it seems to be getting worse the older I get. Happily, as a old person, I don't need to conquer new worlds any more or feel guilty for not. I can wallow in my rut. Thank you, I think I will.

And wallow in my lack of itch. It feels like I spent six months itching. And now after a week of not itching, I'm still marveling at how much happier an itch-free life is. whew. I changed from the expensive SA CeraVe to just the regular lotion (which was on sale and I had a coupon - go me). So far, excellent. I used to have no patience with taking the time to apply lotion. Now I do it every day - ankles to neck - and do it gratefully. Life is too short to itch.

Ok time to get going on my chores.

Kitchen efficiency

I've had these tiny new potatoes on my kitchen counter for a while. I've had them for dinner a couple of times, but I'm done with that. So today I boiled them up and then using the last, lonely hardboiled egg in the fridge and a bunch of other stuff on hand, I made some pretty sexy potato salad.

Then, I made another batch of breakfast burritos and used up the last of the green chilies. I used Trader Joe's tortillas which rolled up nicely with no holes (also I cut my nails which could have contributed to the no holes situation). I rolled them in parchment paper in hopes that they can just go from fridge to microwave directly. I have been using plastic wrap which means I had to unwrap each before the microwave. This will be nice if it works.

Then I washed all the dishes and felt quite productive.

It's beautifully cloudy and cool today. And the Mariners aren't losing so far. Plus another Dora doll.