May 13th, 2016

So far... so good

It's supposed to get way too hot here today. So this morning before I left for the pool, I closed the door to the terrace (my only portal to the outside) and turned on the air conditioning. If I start the A/C before it's too hot, then it does not have to work so hard meaning it's not as loud and not as energy hogging. I think I got it right today. It's pretty comfortable here in the living room now.

The sewing room could be a different issue. It is about 75 feet down the hall and around a corner from the air conditioning unit. It's near the front door out to the hallway. The hallway hasn't heated up yet so I might be able to get away from propping that door open and turning on a fan back there. Worth a shot.

I don't have anything I need to leave the house for, thankfully.

Tomorrow I am taking a clothing cloning class. I'm quite excited about it. I signed up and paid for it eons ago and finally it's hear. We're supposed to bring in the stuff we want to clone. I have a jacket and a vest that I'd love to have patterns for. But, mainly, I'm excited to be in a sewing class - my first one since 7th grade Home Economics - 54 years ago.

The class is in Ballard which is on the opposite end of town from the pool. BUT there is an LA Fitness there in Ballard so I think I'm just going to swim there tomorrow. It looks like I need a guest pass so I applied for one which should come in email. If It doesn't I may just go beg. Worst case, I don't get to swim and have to go find breakfast someplace. There are about 5,897 great brunch places in Ballard. I'll survive.

My swim buddy, Barrie, and I have established this fun thing of meeting every Saturday and Sunday morning. Fortunately, not long ago, we swapped contact info so I can send her an email and let her know I won't be there. Seems way nicer than just not showing up.

Today will be maybe laundry, some sewing, staying cool and... baseball! Sounds like a great plan to me.

More Friday

I definitely caught the cool in time - even the sewing room was tolerable. Whew. I love my air conditioner so very much. I just took some trash down to the dumpster in the garage and it's even getting warm down. Tomorrow's supposed to be cooler so it's all fine.

Because I requested a guest pass at the Ballard LA Fitness, the manager called me and he said that my Silver&Fit membership gets me into any LA Fitness! He said just beep in like I do at West Seattle and 'then get into the pool!' Excellent.

I've done all the laundry and put it all away. And I got my stuff together to take to the class tomorrow. I love feeling organized.