May 12th, 2016


I think today is Costco day. I don't need much but if I get there early, I can park far away and get a good walk in while it's still cool and then get my bacon plus whatever else they think I can't live without and get home before it gets too hot.

There is no baseball game today so no reason for any traffic issues. The traffic home from the pool has been a giant nothingburger all week long. It's been quite a treat.

This picture is almost exactly 38 years old. That's me standing in front of one of the gynormous azalea bushes outside of the first house I ever bought. I bought it in Southern Pines, NC in the fall of 1977. It was listed for $35,000 furnished or $25,000 unfurnished. I offered $30,000 for the house and everything in it and they accepted my offer. The couple who owned it had been in their 90's and had died a few days apart. Their children were retired and not interested in the house. The 'everything in it' included everything - silverware, dishes and a kitchen full of stuff, sheets and blankets, antimacassars and table cloths. And each room was furnished completely. Wild.

The house was on a 3rd of an acre of pine needles and pine trees and even had a little fish pond (which sounds adorable but turned out to be a convention center for mosquitoes).

I settled in and loved that house all winter but in the Spring, I got quite a shock. Apparently the 90 year old couple had spent their last 30 years working in the yard. Every day something else popped out of the ground and bloomed. The green bushes in front of the house turned out to be very very pink azaleas. It was really just amazing.

I ran a seamstress business out of a back bedroom and taught macrame classes in the living room.

This is Leslie and that's a wine rack she's making. The 70's were a very strange decade.

Out and about... for a change

I had a short list of stuff I wanted to buy and Amazon did not have exactly what I wanted so I got in the car! I realized after I got in the car that today was free ride day on the trolley that goes from a block away from here right to the nicest Walgreens in town which probably had most if not all of what I wanted but, I was already in the car.

It was too hot to be out but I got most of what I wanted and walked a fair amount so it turned out ok.

I got way more than I intended at Costco (of course) but it was good stuff. They had roasted chicken legs and thighs for dirt cheap. 8 legs and thighs for $4.50! And they were already nicely cooked. I had some for lunch. Delish. I plan to heat some more p for dinner. I froze a bunch.

I think tonight is going to be an A/C night. I have not turned it on yet except to check and make sure it works and the remote works but last night was too hot and tonight is supposed to be hotter so I think, before I go to bed, I'm going to shut the door to the terrace and fire up the cool.

I did get a doll made...