March 6th, 2016


I have so many negative feelings about Nancy Regan that hearing of her death only brought me thoughts of thankgod that era is over. After a 24 hour news cycle, we can forget about the Regans and all the damage they did. Some of those years were made so horrible by both those ridiculous people.

Whew. I'm not sure I realized how pissed I was about them. Ok. I'm done.

The pool doesn't open until 8 on Saturdays and Sundays. My swim buddy, Brody, and I have learned that if we get there early enough (usually quarter of), we can catch the front desk lady when she comes to work. She goes in and opens up and gets everything set before she unlocks the door at 8. But, if we're standing there, she'll let us in early.

Today I made a stop at Safeway first and that put me at the pool door WAY early but as I drove up, I saw Brody there. It was only 7:35. We had a nice chat and then the lady that runs the smoothy bar came along and tried one of the doors and it was open!! Someone had left the gym unlocked all night. The up side is that Brody and I got in the pool 15 minutes early which turned out to be excellent. We had the pool to ourselves for 45 minutes and then it got real crowded real fast. We got our good swim in and got out of the way.

Usually when Brody and I get there before it opens, we don't even try the doors. We sure will from now on!

The lane line isn't fixed yet BUT I just checked the tracking number for the felt eyes I ordered from Etsy that went to Anchorage. They are in Seattle!! They were in a Seattle suburb 2 weeks ago so I'm not that hopeful but at this point any change is good. It shows that maybe they aren't lost.

soon_lee posts the most delicious photos of meals that she he makes. I am too lazy and/or motivated to actually make the food she he does but I so love looking and dreaming about making it. However... her his latest entry started out with a tomato, cucumber, onion salad. My dinner last night needed 2 slices of onion so I already have one started. I'm going into the kitchen now to cut up the tomato and cucumber and let them all marinate so I can have a little Soon_Lee of my own today.

The rest of the day will be sewing and baseball and knitting and maybe watching the movie, Grandma.

Me in the kitchen. No, really.

So first I have a greek-ish salad marinating in the fridge thanks to the inspiration of soon_lee. And now I have an actual cake in the oven! I'm channeling meowmensteen!! Well, in spirit only. Actually, Duncan Hines did the heavy lifting but I did pull out my hand mixer which has not been fired up in probably 3 years.

The cake thing is Jenna Kim Jones' fault.
But I didn't want chocolate icing so I made my own vanilla butter cream.

The frosting is waiting for the cake to cool. This is one very wild hair for me. But fun.

And the Mariners are winning. Nice afternoon! The Sounders are playing across the street in about an hour and a half so the fans are collecting outside. It was supposed to rain on them and may still but for now, they are wallowing in Sunshine.

Not horrible

The salad was excellent. I had it with spaghetti that was also excellent.

The cake tasted like any boxed cake, honestly. The size is perfect for a cake but I think next time, I'll just get a regular mix and make cupcakes. Easier to freeze.

The frosting is blue because no color looked dirty and blue was the only food color I had.

All in all, not a bad day in the kitchen!