January 10th, 2016

Ghost Town

There were more people and cars out and about when I left for the gym at 7:30 than when I left the gym about 9:15. I got an easy parking space at Luna Park Cafe which is always packed, especially on Sunday morning, and only has about 8 parking spaces anyway. I got a table without waiting and there were fewer people in there than I had ever seen anytime ever.

I was the only car getting gas at the busiest gas station anywhere near here.

As far as I'm concerned, the Seahawks can plan a game in an eastern time zone any time they want. I love having my town to myself!

The pool had more people in it than I expected but they didn't stay long and I got in a good swim. Now I'm home and pretty organized. The bears and dolls are in the car for delivery tomorrow morning (and to get them out  of the house).  Laundry's done and folded and put away, kitchen is clean, I do need to move some stuff out of the sewing room into my room but I'll d.o that after I make a doll.

My brother's plane leaves Austin in about an hour. He's at the airport and through security.  So all is set for the Big Visit. I'm so looking forward to it.

I'm going to take the light rail out to the aiport to meet him. But, no need to leave here for it for several more hours. So... off to the sewing room!

Organizational win

Zoey is having a particularly cute day even if she is getting black cat hair on the doll face fabric...

I finished up my latest doll and then cleared out the sewing room. I am enormously proud that I had enough room in my bedroom closet to hang all the fabric (above Zoey's head there) and store 3 plastic bins of supplies as well as the ironing board/drawers on wheels thing.  It's all now tucked away so you can't see it and the sewing room is now the guest room!  I still have way too much stuff but there was a time when I could not fit one more blouse in that closet and now there's enough room to hide half a room!

My brother's plane left 20 minutes late but is still scheduled to get here 10 minutes early.

I just turned on the TV and see that the quiet that has been this morning will be over soon as there is only 2 mins left in this game. I feel like I should have gone to Costco or something. Oh well.

Here's the first doll of the new month. I think I've hit my doll stride. I love the different fabrics and hair, eyes and dress options. Every on is different and every one is fun.  Plus now I've worked out some recurring issues so the quality is much better.