December 30th, 2015


It's cold... The frost was on the pumpkins and most everything else.  Also the sun in all its glare. And it appears this will be our days for the next few weeks.  In the Northwest, when it gets cold, it gets arid. When it warms up, the rains come. The two circles rarely venn which is why we don't get snow. I used to spend a lot of time wishing but I'm now resigned.

Just as well. I'd be pissed if I couldn't get to the pool because of icy/snowy roads/bridge. So now I just put on my texting gloves and sunglasses before I hit the streets.

Today is Costco. AAA batteries, bacon and cupcakes (only IF they have vanilla with vanilla icing which is very rare these days but still I check).

Last night I turned out the lights about 10:15 and was asleep by 10:20 and don't remember a thing until 4:20 when I woke up amazed that I did not have to pee or need water and that I had slept so soundly. I went back to sleep until 6 when NPR came on. Wild. (I usually wake up about midnight and then about 3 and sometimes more often. Each time I get up and pee and have a good long drink of water.)

I have no predictions for the new year nor do I have any resolutions to make, keep or not. I have no tax or investment moves to make before the year flips. My only preparation for the new year is to focus on using 2016 instead of 2015.  Since I no longer write checks and mostly just drop down and select, I think I can do it. So... I'm ready.

Got it!!

Ok, today's doll is a win. Whew. Well, almost a win. I think the bangs could be a little longer but maybe they will grow. Otherwise, I not only got everything else right, I got it replicatable.

I made all new pattern pieces and made them consistent (arm ends same width as hand ends, etc.) and I'm happy with these hands. I made boot and shoe pattern pieces as well as collars. Plus, I got everything in very securely and with nice looking seams. I'm quite jazzed. There will be many more of these.

The most important tool in making these, outside of the sewing machine, is a roach clip. Amazon calls it a hemostat (and I'm sure doctors and nurses do, too) BUT we all know it's a roach clip. I ordered a new longer one that just arrived. The legs will be easier to turn on the next one.