December 13th, 2015


The pool today was full but not crowded. There were a lot of people there (compared to usual) waiting for the gym to open and then someone said that she wanted to get in and out before the game started. Ahhhh Seahawks playing in a timezone east of here. Got it.

Nice swim. And then home for breakfast. Then kitchen cleanup. And now I'm off to the sewing room. The stuff I needed to finish off the dining table project arrived yesterday after all but the USPS alert arrived some 5 hours after the delivery. I found it, tho, so all cool. That's top on my list. Then I think I'll work on my latest swim suit.

I really do need to take a walk today. My lower back is getting toomuchsitting-itis.


Frosty had a VERY rough morning. Just now there are three guys out there fixing him. I went out on my terrace and yelled across that I love Frosty. I think they were a little freaked. So far he's not back up yet.

I did finish the dining table set and I'm very happy with how they turned out. These are made from scraps left over from bag making. Except for the napkins. They were pillow case left overs from when I paired down regular ones for my little bed pillows.

The two toned swimsuit out of scraps got scrapped. It turned out to be way too much trouble.

I think it's time for a walk, if not outside at least a building walk. And then some TV and knitting.