December 2nd, 2015

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Compared to my usual days, today is packed with stuff.

First swim.
Then, a manicure.
My house cleaner should be here this morning.
Papa Murphy's for dinner.
I need to get gas.
My sewing machine should arrive today.

Whew.  The real stresser is that my manicure is at 10, so I need to be out of the pool by 9:30 which means I need to be in the pool by 8:20ish which means I don't need to leave here until 8 which is about 45 minutes after my usual time.

It is not easy being a retired person of much leisure. It takes precise-ish timing.

We've had several days of bad air. Bad being "People with breathing issues should limit time outside." I have COPD but I can't really say it feels worse on days like this but it does make me twitchy. The news reports of air in Beijing makes me cough.  Today, thanks to the rain, the air rating is higher. But I probably still won't go out and play. I'm an indoor girl all the way.

Wednesday later...

Everything worked out as planned so far. I even remembered to get gas. I came home to a house that is so clean and I have pizza ready for dinner.

As I suspected the nail place is getting holiday busy. It's tiny. It's the owner and 2 others. They are all very sweet. But the two non-owners are way better at doing my manicure than the owner. Today, I drew the owner. She did an ok job. I did remember to make my next two appointments so I don't get squeezed out by holiday-ers.

My sewing machine isn't going to get here today. Weather. No ETA. I've had UPS do weather delays before but this is the first time Amazon actually sent me a 'sorry but your shipment is delayed' note. Interesting. It's a bummer but not really a big deal.

Time now to do some work on the house books... bill paying, account checking, budget planning. Our home owners dues are going up again next year. Annoying BUT the peops in charge of the condos funds are doing a fabulous job and I am totally getting my money's worth. (Although, I'd be delighted if our building manager had to be swapped out for a new one.)