October 12th, 2015


I thought about buying new clothes and altering them to fit me. I did some shopping online but couldn't find anything I really wanted and then thought - Goodwill! I'll go there and find stuff and alter it.

The plan was to go after my swim this morning. But, while I swam I did an imaginary face slap. I have a bunch of stuff I plan to replace. I will donate the stuff to Goodwill. And I'll shop at Good will to buy more stuff... what's wrong with this picture? Why get Goodwill involved at all? I spent the rest of my swim upfitting and updating and changing up some of the stuff in my own closet!

So that's the plan for this morning. And maybe this afternoon.

After they finish the lunch rush, I'll take a walk over to my teriyaki place and get dinner. I had frito pie last night with some of my chili from Saturday and it was fabulous. I'm thinking that even after I polish off the servings of chili currently in my freezer, there will be more.

But, now... it's off to the sewing room!