October 6th, 2015

MacDonalds For Breakfast. Yep.

I am a big fan of MacDonalds. Particularly the MacDonalds near me. Mostly it is clean and efficient and the people are nice and the drive through is so fast, I have to have my money ready before I place my order or I'll hold up the line.

And... today... they got all day breakfast. And it is on the way home from the pool. I think we see my future.Usually I'm a sausage biscuit but today I tried the burrito. I think I'm going back to the sausage biscuit. Bonus: Zoey thinks the bag is a new toy for her and she loves it!

I've been trying to get by there near lunch or dinner time because I want to try their new fried chicken sandwich but so far no luck. But, breakfast all day? YES! Thank you.

Someone left a navy fleece blanket on the free shelf. This will tide my over nicely until the fleece I ordered arrives on Friday. New socks/liners and maybe even a cowl and cuffs for my gray shirt.

Something fucked up on one of my earliest Amazon Now orders. I don't even remember what it was, but Amazon gave me a $10 credit towards my next Amazon-sourced Amazon Now purchase. Yesterday I was looking at a rotary cutter and saw that it was available on Amazon Now so today I ordered the cutter and extra blades. $18 including tip. They will be here between 12-2 today. I love living now.

Today's project before any sewing is digging into some php code. The guy who built my brother's webpage did some funky stuff and we've fixed it here and there but there's one bit that really needs retooling. Unfortunately, he did some kind of strange work around that I now have to noodle out. I know precious little about php so it's going to be a big in a poke situation. But, at least there's no deadline.

I noodled out some ideas on where to find the offending code and how to fix it today while I was swimming.

I think I'll give it a go right now.

Great Seattle Bakeoff

I just poured a little milk into Bisquick, added cheese and sausage crumbles and spooned it into muffin cups and slapped it into my no pre-heat oven for 20 mins. PERFECT sausage cheese biscuits.

Now I think I'll watch last Sundays British Bakeoff and see how it's done when they talk funny.