August 14th, 2015

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We have a glorious rainy cloudy day today. I hope it lasts. On the up side, I can turn off the air conditioner and open the door. On the down side, today is the first Seahawks game and here, at 8 am, there are assholes out there chanting about the fucking football team as loud as they can.

Crap. It wouldn't be so bad except tomorrow it's hot again and hot for the next few weeks. Today is the only beautiful day and the day of a neighborhood invasion of very very loud drunks. Sigh.

I'm not sure I totally get why a football game requires really stupid behavior. It seems to get worse with every game.

So with my neighborhood under siege for the day... I think my best bet is to get to the pool and get home rather promptly. I do want to stop at the library to pick up a hold and pop into the grocery but then home. Maybe I'll thread through the assholes this afternoon and walk over to Chinatown. I'm out of those almond cookies I love and maybe I'll even pick up some dinner that I can reheat tonight.

That's the plan anyway.

Calendar Fail

I titled my first entry of the day, Thursday. I took my extra pills (t/th/sun cause it was Thursday. But then, in the middle of my swim it dawned on me that it sure felt like Friday - I am nearly always the only swimmer on Fridays. Wait, holy shit, it is Friday!

And not only is it Friday, tomorrow is NOT the day I go down to Federal Way for brunch. That's a week from tomorrow.

I have no calendar integrity today.

But I do have amazingly wonderful weather. After my swim, I went up to Beacon Hill where I parked at the market and hoofed it over to the library (2 blocks) and then came back and did my shopping. I love that market. I forget how much I love it in between the times I shop there. They have a great butcher who does great meat. And the produce guy's mission is life is to convince those of us who don't default to fruits and vegetables to 'try this cool thing....'

Today it was a display of Canadian potato company's products. The Little Potato Company They got me. I bought two different kinds.

Home now... I will definitely be going out again but on foot. It's just so nice and cool and lovely out.

Oh apparently those obnoxious breakfast football fans were an anomaly. All's quiet out there now. Maybe they will hold off for another few hours...

Friday. It's Friday.

Bad news does a 180

I was so bummed that today would be nice enough to be outside and marred by a neighborhood full of idiotic football people.

So wrong I was!!! The day got colder and the rain started and it rained hard and long. The Seahawkians put their pre-game gathering off all day long! It's now 5:30 and even thought the game is at 7, I can't hear a peep. And the door is open!

Of course they could all be stuck in traffic which, according to Twitter, is redefining suck.

I did manage a nice walk. When I left the house it was nearly chilly. I was kind of sorry I didn't slip on a jacket. But, I just walked faster. Coming back, I got wet. It turned out I was well inside when the bottom fell out but still I got a pretty soggy shirt. It was a nice change.

Also the rain cooled down the sewing area and I got several things finished up and one and other one planned. good good day