August 12th, 2015

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Rolling with the punches

Sometimes it annoys me how my own OCD plays out. I do the same things every day exactly the same way. I park in the same spot at the gym every morning just before 9. I take a short walk every afternoon at 2. If it's nice out, I go outside around the same blocks. If it's hot, I go inside - the same route around the garage. Oh, I may get frisky and go counter clockwise, but, really, I am Ruta the Rut in most things. It's comfortable so it's the way I roll.

But, today... I went to the pool an hour earlier today because I wanted to come home and work on my brother's website. The company name and phone number change tomorrow and his website is small but the name and/or phone number appear on every page plus logo changes, etc. And it's a Word Press site (I don't know Word Press that well) that the builder did a lot of overrides in the PHP on (And I don't know PHP that well).

I came back home over the bridge about 9 which I thought was going to land me in a standstill traffic wise because 1. early and 2. there's an afternoon Mariner game. But, no, got home fine. I got the website done.

I had my brother's shop's webcam on and they started putting out food for their open house/new business/my brother's birthday celebration. I heard my sister in law tell the techs she was going out to get a birthday cake. I started to call her and tell her about the one that was being delivered. But then my brother came in with sandwiches for everyone and things got a little chaotic.

I sent an email to the bakery asking when. The very minute I hit enter, I heard their front door ding and in comes the guy with the cake. It was met with huge delight. A resounding success.

And then I realized that my house cleaner who was supposed to have been here today hadn't shown up. Oh well. I sent her an email asking if I had gotten the day wrong. The very minute I hit enter, in she comes! (It's a new theme...)

I got an invite to brunch on Saturday at 9. It's 35 minutes from here. The pool doesn't open til 8. Whatever. If I miss a swim day, maybe the world won't end. And then I remembered LA Fitness. There are a scillion of them. Sure enough there are five, with pools, between there and my house. Easy peasy stop and the variety of a different pool! It's a total win.

The idea of changing up stuff and being spontaneous is not a comfortable one for me until I do it and then realize 'hey, this is cool!'

A fun fun day

I remember the day my parents brought him home from the hospital. I was 4 and I was pissed. They already spoiled my perfect world with a little sister and now this. It was really the final straw. He was dressed in brown shorts and a yellow shirt and they had him on a gold satin blanket on the living room floor while neighbors and friends paraded in to see The Son.

We called him Little Baby Bill for the first at least 6 years of his life. (It was all one word Littlebabybill.)

Today's he's 62. And the small business he built from scratch via a franchise is 10 years old and starting tomorrow going off on its own.

I've been watching his shop via the webcam (I can hear as well) and it's been a constant parade of friends and well wishers and good times. I'm soooo delighted for him.

Screenshot 2015-08-12 at 1.19.44 PM

Oh their favorite mail carrier and UPS guy just came in and are getting some cake. I think this is exactly the way he wanted this day to go. And I'm so glad I get to watch.

Also my house is all clean. And the Mariners are playing on TV. Think I'll make a bear.